Tips to Make Perfect Custom Printed Candle Boxes to Grab Customer Attention

Custom-printed candle boxes are the ideal promotional giveaway for businesses selling candles and fragrances. Candle boxes are useful and practical gifts that would definitely grab customer attention. Scented candles for decoration and oils are among the most popular gifts to give to friends and relatives on specific dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas/New Year etc.

Making custom-printed candle boxes is easy and cheap and would surely win customers’ hearts. To get a high return rate, business owners must focus on the following 12 tips:

1) Quality First

Quality matters most since it determines the effectiveness of any giveaways. A poorly executed marketing strategy such as giving away cheap candlesticks, would turn off potential clients due to lack of interest. Therefore, it’s imperative that business organizations invest in quality printing services such as graphic design and printing.

High-quality prints make your boxes stand out and increase market awareness. In addition, the production process is fast and efficient. Moreover, printers offer customized designs and print samples within 48 hours. Printing services usually charge an initial fee for designing the custom-printed candle boxes and another fee after delivery. Nevertheless, the price depends upon the quantity ordered.

2) Personalized Designs

Personalization plays a crucial role when it comes to promotional products. The more personalized or unique the product, the better response and sales you’d receive. This includes using your company logo, color scheme, slogan, contact information, and special message.

With this method, companies can ensure their customers will be reminded about their brand. Furthermore, the recipient can also display the box at home to remind him/her of the gift they received.

The customization process will take some time depending on what kind of designs you want to include on the luxury candle packaging boxes. However, you need not worry if you don’t have the expert skills since many online printing services provide free template designs.

3) Consider Branding

Businesses usually use branding to create positive impressions. It helps them establish themselves in the marketplace with a strong identity.

Since people like to keep things simple, they may think of buying something when they see the same thing repeatedly. So, consider including your company name and logo if you’re offering branded pens or customized candle boxes. Companies should consider that a branding package is offered at no extra cost.

4) Go Green!

The environment is one of the most important considerations when making eco-friendly products. One way to go green is by choosing environmentally friendly materials such as 100% recycled paper, soy-based ink, and lead-free glues.

Another way to be ecologically conscious is through energy conservation. Incorporate smart lighting systems that consume less electricity and save money while increasing productivity. Lastly, opt for reusable items instead of single-use ones because they reduce waste and pollution.

5) Keep Up With Trends

Trends play a vital role in shaping consumers’ preferences. While staying relevant is necessary for maintaining client loyalty, it’s also important to stay up-to-date with current fads so you can cater to new customer needs.

For example, if a particular season has just ended, it’s best to focus on developing products that relate to the coming holidays. This approach will help businesses gain instant exposure. On top of that, trendy unique decorative candles will always grab attention from the public.

6) Make Unique Quality Products

To succeed, businesses must produce high-quality products. After all, quality products draw attention and give people reasons to buy.

Moreover, developing unique offerings is essential to set your company apart from the competition. If you offer custom printed candle boxes, design them according to your specific requirements. As an added advantage, these types of products tend to last longer than other options. This means clients will only have to purchase new boxes sometimes.

7) Offer Free Samples

If possible, try giving free samples to potential clients. Offering a sample is a great idea because it allows businesses to gauge a client’s interest before committing to a large order. When it comes to marketing, sampling is also a useful tool because it allows customers to experience first hand how your business works. Furthermore, it’s beneficial because people who get samples usually end up becoming loyal clients.

8) Use Appealing Colors

Colors are known to influence consumer behavior. According to research, orange gives off a cheerful vibe, whereas red makes people want to start doing stuff immediately.

Business owners can implement this knowledge by offering different designs of artificial candles for decoration in various colors. For instance, warm tones like yellow and brown can relax customers. On the other hand, cool shades such as blue, grey and white can increase motivation and stimulate creativity.

9) Use Creative Packaging

You might not think about the importance of packaging until now, but it’s actually crucial. In fact, many companies spend over 50 percent of their advertising budget on marketing campaigns.

The truth is, however, that only 5 percent of a product’s total value lies within its packaging. Therefore, savvy entrepreneurs will invest time and effort into creating eye-catching pieces. By using interesting material, textures, and shapes, you’ll be able to keep your target audience interested.

10) Use Impressive Fonts And Logos

When designing your branding materials, pay close attention to fonts, logos, and graphics. You need to choose fonts that reflect your brand identity.

However, choosing the right font takes a lot of work. To ensure your choice matches your overall message, ask yourself: “What do I want my customers to remember?”. You should then use fonts that are simple yet memorable. Your logo shouldn’t overwhelm customers; instead, it should stand out while conveying your message. Likewise, consider adding animations or other special effects to your graphics to help create a positive impression.

11) Make Sure The Box Is Sturdy Enough

While most people will happily put away inexpensive items from stores like DC, they’re less likely to accept homemade goods or handmade gifts if they feel uncomfortable putting them inside their homes. Consequently, it’s important for businesses to provide consumers with sturdy boxes.

Aside from being durable, these containers should also include ample room for storing larger items. Of course, if the item is a little small, you may place it inside another type of box. Regardless, make certain the box is strong enough to protect your gift or product from damage during shipping, storage, and even normal wear.

12) Interesting images

Customers tend to trust products that have been visually appealing to them. This means that if you happen to capture customer attention through an incredible photograph, you’ll probably receive better results than if you just relied on text alone.

After all, pictures speak louder than words, so take advantage of this strategy. One way to go about this is by choosing to offer attractive packages. Another method is to include photos of the products themselves. If you ever wanted to see which company was providing the nicest-looking boxes, look no further — just check out DC or Amazon!

Final Words:

Packaging is a vital part of any business, as it establishes trust with your customers and serves to grab their attention. One of the most creative and eye-catching ways to attract attention is to use custom boxes for your products.

These boxes can be made from a wide range of materials, including wood, metal or plastic. You can make them according to your style, color, and design theme. It’s much better than printed labels or wrappers.

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