The Best Affordable Pikler Triangles in 2022

Pikler Triangle

The Pikler Triangle has become the gold standard for teaching children spatial awareness and encouraging creativity through play. If you’re planning on purchasing one, though, it’s important to know that there are multiple brands out there and not all of them are created equally. The Pikler Triangle review below details the best Pikler Triangles on the market and can help you make an informed purchase decision so that your child can enjoy this simple yet educational toy for years to come.

Pikler Triangle Basics

The Pikler triangle was developed by Dr. Maria Anna Pikler, a Hungarian child psychologist and educator. This type of activity is used to help children learn about themselves, their feelings, and how they interact with others. A Pikler Triangle is typically made up of six paper or cloth triangles sewn together to form a pyramid shape. One triangle is placed at the top as the point (representing oneself), two triangles are placed next to each other on either side as the arms (representing our relationships with others), and two triangles are placed on either side below those as our legs (representing our feelings).
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The Best Pikler Triangles

Pikler triangles are a type of toy that children can use to learn about spatial relationships. They allow children to explore and learn about shapes, size comparisons, and balance. Pikler triangles also provide an opportunity for children to develop their fine motor skills, including using their fingers and hands to grasp small items and manipulate them. These activities help children develop their cognitive abilities while they have fun!
The Pikler triangle is a three-pronged wooden or plastic object with a hole drilled through each end so it can be hung by string or wire. There is one wide prong on either side, attached at a right angle to two narrow prongs at the top. One set of strings is attached between the wide prongs, while another set goes between the narrow ones. A child can experiment with different arrangements of hanging the pieces in order to create new objects such as wagons, bridges, umbrellas, and more. By swinging the long sides back and forth, kids can make a rocking motion which adds to the play value. For younger children, you may want to attach some kind of ball or bell near the bottom to give additional sensory input and make noise when moved.
The Pikler Triangle makes for a great indoor activity too; just hang them from ceiling beams, rafters, chairs, or even door knobs for hours of playtime amusement. We recommend starting with 3-5 poker triangles, but if you have more than one child then this number should double to 6+ pickles per person.

Pikler Triangle
Pikler Triangle

How to Choose the Best Pikler Triangle

When it comes to choosing a Pikler Triangle, it is best to go with a triangle that will be able to support your child. This means that you should choose a triangle that has an appropriate height and width for your child’s size. You also want to make sure that the triangle is sturdy enough so that it can’t tip over or collapse when your child climbs on it or leans against it. The base of the triangle should be wide enough so that it doesn’t topple over too easily. You also want to consider how much you are willing to spend because there are varying degrees of quality in Pikler triangles, depending on their materials and construction techniques.


The Pikler Triangle is by far one of the most versatile tools in an OT’s toolkit. It can be used for assessment, teaching, and treatment. While there are many different types of triangles to choose from, it is important to find a triangle that matches your needs. I hope this blog has helped you choose the right Pikler Triangle for you! Remember to make sure that you buy a triangle with the correct size and height for your hands so that it will be comfortable.

If you do not feel like you need all three levels, I would recommend purchasing a basic triangle. That way you will save some money and still have the option of expanding when needed. Make sure that if you get a more expensive triangle (higher quality) that it comes with instructions on how to use it because they come in all shapes and sizes as well. Once again, have fun choosing!

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