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Six Common Causes of Dentures Breakage

Six common causes of dentures breakage

Let’s talk about Dentures Breakage today. It’s a terrifying experience to break your dentures. You eat, chat, smile, and live your life as usual because you rely on these things. As a result, persons who wear them tend to place a high priority on safeguarding them. Our most important possessions might be vulnerable to carelessness at times. 

While there are many things to consider before getting the permanent dentures, we will discuss top six ways to keep dentures from breaking.  

Make sure you don’t end up needing an emergency denture repair. To keep your dental equipment from breaking, adopt a certain habits 

What Should You Do When Dentures Breakage Happens?

There are several ways your dentures might get damaged, but not all of them need immediate attention. Staining and chipping, for instance, may need maintenance, but they may not constitute emergencies. However, if they are entirely shattered, fractured, or missing one or two teeth, this might be a dental emergency that requires immediate attention.

Common Causes of Broken Dentures

Wear and tear is one of the most prevalent reasons for denture failure. Even if you believe your dentures will last a lifetime, the frequent biting, grinding, and pressure on them can shorten their lifespan. The teeth in your dentures are more likely to break and come free over time if they are older. 

Dentures might be damaged further if you consume hard foods. When dentures break down over time, acids present in many meals and beverages, as well as heat and cold, are all to blame. 

 Place Your Dentures Carefully in a Bathroom

If you ignore the first recommendation and drop your dentures, this method provides an additional layer of protection. You may reduce the likelihood of them fracturing or cracking by providing them with a more cushioned landing area. 

Denture implants are available in Calgary if you need them. Those are also available at Future Smiles Denture Clinic! One or two lost teeth may be replaced with a long-lasting, appealing denture replacement that functions like a natural tooth.

Some Toothpastes Damage Dentures

Normal toothpaste might be too abrasive for your dentures, perhaps causing damage. That will undermine the structure as a whole. Toothpaste for dentures is inexpensive. It is just slightly more expensive than ordinary toothpaste. It will be much cheaper than ordinary toothpaste. Therefore, use it for each cleaning. 

All you need to do is purchase toothpaste specially for dentures. Then, clean your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush since rough bristles might harm them. Simply brush thoroughly and wipe away any toothpaste residue after each brushing… Especially if it’s after dinner when you don’t want any leftover food on the table.

Be sure to remove your dentures every night and soak them if you want to keep your dentures from breaking. Pay attention to this crucial advice and put it into action as soon as possible. Leaving them in water overnight will help prevent them from drying out and developing a fracture. You’ll also reduce the risk of gum irritation or inflammation by allowing your mouth and gums to rest as you sleep. 

Not Handling Dentures Carefully

A single misstep might cause your dentures to fall from your grasp, breaking them beyond repair. This is particularly true when we’re pressed for time or feeling like no energy. When removing your dentures for the night or cleaning, remember that you have them in your hand. You’ll be less likely to forget what you’re supposed to be doing if you do this. Also, you can read about full body message from Tukwila. it can help you get relief.

Not Regularly Cleaning & Rinsing Dentures After Meals Can Lead to Dentures Breakage

If you don’t clean your dentures after each meal, food might become stuck on them and cause problems. That may lead to the growth of germs, which can then produce unpleasant smells.

The dentures needs cleaning after every meal. Try to avoid doing it every day. Things will accumulate, making it more difficult to clean.

Remember to use caution while handling the dentures. Be mindful of how you respond to it… Don’t put it down the drain. 

The best way to get rid of them is to do it this way. As you clean, check the dentures to see whether you complete getting everything out. Wash your hands as well. This step is critical if you want the cleanest possible dentures.

Never Continue Wearing Broken or Poorly Fitting Dentures

If you don’t want to spend the money to restore or refit your damaged or badly fitting dentures, you may as well put up with them.

However, doing so may result in more denture degradation, which may need a more expensive denture replacement.

In addition, it might cause severe discomfort in the mouth. Call your denturist as soon as you discover a problem with your dentures or if they don’t fit as well as they used to. You’ll be glad you did it in the long run.

Get Your Dentures Fixed in Time

Are your dentures broken? Get your dentures fixed at a dental clinic in Calgary and see what can be done to fix them as soon as possible.

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