Beautiful smile

DAZZLING SMILE IS THE NEXT NEED OF THE HOURS? A stunning smile is the order of the day. Maintaining good dental hygiene isn’t an easy job. Whatever we do to take the best care of our teeth they will become yellow or discolored. It could be due to our diet or the drinks we consume or smoke, age, and many other factors. This is where the treatment for teeth whitening can be very beneficial. The new things that come along can be stressful and that’s why we’ve compiled all the advantages and techniques for the whitening of teeth in this post.

Many people today are concerned about their teeth that are yellow and are looking forward to treatments to get an even whiter smile. This is exactly what the teeth whitening process is all about. Teeth-whitening targets the enamel and helps to whiten teeth externally. In simple terms, it is a process that whitens teeth and creates a beautiful smile.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is an approach that is part of cosmetic dentistry that aids in removing yellowing or stains on the teeth. There are a variety of reasons why our teeth are prone to losing their brightness like eating habits, age, and medical issues. The enamel (the most durable substance found in the human body) that is the outer coating of teeth can be affected by this.

But, if you’re thinking about the teeth whitening cost, it completely is contingent on several factors of the oral health condition of the person. It is possible to consult with your dentist for all the details about the cost of the teeth whitening procedure.

Why do Dentists recommend Teeth Whitening?

There are many reasons and motives for your dentist to recommend teeth whitening for you. There are many causes that can lead to the reduction in tooth enamel. The loss of enamel causes teeth to appear dull and discolored. In this case, the teeth should be maltepe escort bayan whitened.

  • Diet
    Our teeth must endure endless changes in our intake of food, from sweet ones to alcohol-based drinks. The diet we eat is among the main factors that impact the appearance of our teeth. Most often, foods that contain caffeine such as coffee or tea can have a negative impact on the teeth, resulting in the teeth becoming stained.
  • Aging
    It is also the key reason for discolored or yellowing teeth. As we age the enamel layer diminishes gradually, and this affects the appearance of teeth. Additionally, other dental issues like plaque build-up and tartar accumulation as a result of the natural aging process also affect the way our teeth appear in a way.

What’s the Process of Whiten Teeth?

The bleaches affect the outer enamel, thus eliminating any discoloration or stains that are visible. While there are products for whitening teeth on the market, they’re not the same as a bleaching procedure that is carried out by the dental clinic of your dentist. A good dentist can ensure safety and quality treatment due to their experience and expertise.

Gorgeous Smile and Uncompromising Oral Health!
Find the most sophisticated teeth whitening treatment from Dr. Michaelis and experience remarkable results. Our experts offer the finest treatment for teeth whitening at affordable costs which is highly beneficial as it encourages you to improve your habits of oral hygiene as well. Schedule your appointment today to have the sparkling white smile you deserve.

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