Managed Virtual Event or DIY: What Should I Choose?

Online Virtual Event

Virtual events have become the first preference of almost all organizations across the world. Since they come with so much convenience and ease, organizers are still preferring virtual events even though things have started to go back to normal.

But when it comes to hosting virtual events, the first and the most crucial thing that comes to our mind is selecting a virtual event platform. Since hosting virtual events has become a common practice these days, virtual event platforms, too, have started to evolve. Now, we have a variety of virtual event platforms in the market; DIY and Managed virtual event platforms.

Now the biggest dilemma that the organizers face is making a choice and picking up one option among them. However, like every time, we have your back here also.

In this blog, we will compare both options, the managed virtual event platforms or the DIY virtual event platforms. On comparing, we will come to the conclusion of which kind of platforms are better. So, without any further ado, let us jump straight into the blog.


The first thing you should consider is if you are hosting a virtual event for the first time or not. Though we suggest that you pick a managed platform if you are hosting a virtual event for the first time, we believe in learning from your mistakes and experiences.

With a DIY platform, you have full control over the platform. Though the managed virtual platforms are customizable, they don’t give you the complete power to plan and host the event according to your needs and demands. Hence, the self-managed event platforms allow you to learn and grow at your own pace.


One of the biggest deciding factors in deciding which platform to pick is Money. The managed platforms are expensive for regular events unless you are a very reputed organization or hosting a global event. Not only this, saving money is never a bad option. So, if you are hosting a small to a mid-scale event, we don’t recommend spending hefty sums of money to host an event. Spending huge sums of money on a large-scale managed virtual event platform becomes more irrelevant when you get almost all the features in an economical and self-managed virtual event platform.

DIY or self-managed virtual event platforms are way cheaper than the regular managed platform. This pocket-friendliness of these platforms makes it easier for the organizers to host virtual events conveniently.


Another factor that one needs to consider while making a choice between the DIY platforms and managed platforms is Time. Since the DIY event platforms are built from start to finish, they take some time to set up. Each element of the managed platforms is built individually, and hence, they take some time to come to the final form. Whereas, DIY platforms are already set up and just need a bit of customization, depending on your brand’s needs and demands.

Hence, the DIY virtual event platforms should be your first preference if you are planning a quick online event. Moreover, DIY platforms come as a great option, if you need to host an event quickly and have no time in hand.

The Scale of the Event and Organization:

Another feature you should consider while choosing a particular kind of virtual event platform is your event’s and organization’s scale. Hosting a small-scale event over a large-scale platform won’t make any sense. And it would be nothing less than the complete wastage of money.

However, if you are hosting a large-scale event, we recommend you a managed platform with a great set of features. But, again, it is not sure that only the managed platforms are more efficient than the DIY platforms.

Hence, we suggest you pick a platform according to your event size and objective.

On comparing all the features and factors, we have seen that picking up a platform for your virtual event depends on several factors. However, if you are still unsure about the virtual event platform, we suggest picking one name for each option and looking for expert advice from the respective experts.

Moreover, you should also put in some effort, conduct research, and read about previous reviews and experiences. It is then advisable to come to a conclusion and make the final decision.

However, on the basis of the above factors, we suggest you try a DIY event platform.

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