All important functionalities of Email Drip Campaign Product

Email Drip Campaign

We all know email is an underrated communication channel to engage with customers. A better way to communicate and make meaningful relationships can be possible through email. But you need to understand that sharing emails to the right person at the right time automatically is so imperative. As manually doing all this can be grating and time-consuming. This is where the Email Drip Campaign is considered as “Best for Business”. But how?


Definition of Drip Campaign

A drip email campaign is a series of automated emails that are sent to the right person at the right time on a pre-planned schedule. In this way, you can make better relationships with all those customers because you share your email drip series at the right time. Plus it doesn’t need human involvement. Everything will be done automatically to save time and money in Email Marketing operation. 

We have a great story about how it is a Frontline method. 

Back in 2019, a CRM business client wrote on social media “Hello, My business recently launched a few sublime Products which are really beneficial for you to scale. But my team is facing a hectic schedule. They write up the email to all those who signed up for the product. See, it not only kills their productivity but also makes this monotonous work. What should I do? Please suggest a genuine solution here” 

He recently started his CRM business at that time and had no idea about Drip email sharing with the customers. 

We replied, “Better not to procrastinate sharing emails with those new customers because they are definitely gonna jump to your competitor. Email Drip Campaign is the only solution to help. It can radically change your business and put it in a great format. Drip will share the right email to the right person automatically. So It means it is time-saving for your team.

He asked, “Is it only for sharing the Welcome Emails with the customers?”

We said, “Not at all! Suppose someone didn’t complete the whole purchase then you can prepare the template of the Abandoned card. Also, for the Confirmation email, Re-engagement emails, etc.” 

The Goal of Lead nurturing is achievable via the Drip campaign. We researched and found that all leads are nurtured in the right direction. So, that would only be possible through Drip emails. Because you go with continuous interaction with the leads. Sharing a series of drip helps your leads to know about your brand and products and perhaps they buy from you. 


Track Every stage of your Buyer

By Tracking all the metrics and buyers’ behavior, you can share what they like the most. Drip Marketing is advantageous here because you get to know every stage of the buyers. So, it would be much easier for your business team to share with the right person at the right time. 


  • The Biggest advantage is it saves your quality time and reduces the chance of human error. Earlier you were sharing all emails manually with your leads one by one. It was a hectic process. Also, a user needs to keep the priority work aside. Drip emails enable you to set a predefined time. All emails will be delivered automatically with no human involvement. You can now pay close attention to other critical work for business growth. 


  • Research says 11% is the customer retention rate when going with automation in emails. You are sharing all the info at the right time without procrastination. Customers will definitely go through your brand or product. And it would be an awesome way to retain all those vital customers that are buying from your business. 
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