Deliverability In Emailing: What Is It And How To Optimize It ?

If you have interest closely, or a little further, in email marketing. There is a good chance that you will come across the term “deliverability” many times on specialized sites and in conversations with emailing professionals. Deliverability, what is it in practice? How do you define that simply? What factors influence it? How to optimize it? Here are some summarized answers for you.

Definition: deliverability, simply explained

Deliverability, inbox delivery rate, inbox placement rate : what does this actually mean?

In email marketing, there are 3 types of emails:

  • those that end up in the recipient’s inbox
  • those that are automatically returned by the mailbox in the “junk mail” section
  • those blocked by email providers

Thus, a deliverability rate of 100% simply indicates that 100% of emails sent via emailing software have landed in the recipients’ mailbox . You can contact Email Marketing Services Company.

What is the average deliverability rate in France in 2021?

According to ReturnPath, a key player in the emailing and deliverability sector, the average inbox placement rate in France is 95% in 2021 .

Certain sectors of activity, such as banking/finance (94%), commerce (92%) and tourism (90%), have an average inbox placement rate higher than the national average for all sectors. activity confused.

What are the factors that influence the deliverability of an email?

Many factors have a more or less direct impact on the inbox placement rate, but here is a list of the most important:

  • The number of user complaints: the more recipients who declare your messages as spam, the more your messages will be filtered by mailboxes and ISPs.
  • The number of hard bounces: the more your campaigns generate hard bounces, the more likely they are to land in the spam section.
  • The presence or absence of Spam Words in the content and objects of emailing campaigns.
  • The responsiveness of recipients to emails sent.
  • The reputation of the domain and the IP address.
  • The email routing system and the electronic authentication systems(SPF, DKIM, etc.).

How to optimize the deliverability of your emailing campaigns? 5 tips!

Now that you know concretely what the term ”  deliverability  ” means and what are the factors that can impact it, how can you ensure that most of your emails arrive safely in the inboxes of your recipients?

1- Choose the right emailing software

Some emailing software are better than others when it comes to optimizing the deliverability of their customers’ emails.

This comparison of emailing software can, for example, help you make your choice:

What are the best free emailing software? ➜

2- Regularly sort your contact database and route your emails to specific segments

If the open rate drops, one of the reasons may be that contacts are losing interest in campaigns. A falling open rate and a falling reactivity rate have an impact on reputation, which has an impact on deliverability.

It is therefore recommended not to route your emails on the entirety of your database. But rather to clearly segment who should receive what .

3- Beware of CAPITAL LETTERS, punctuation!!! and spam words in the content and subject of an email campaign

Punctuation, text written in capital letters and spam words (ex: free, cheap, …) are all elements that every email marketer must use intelligently and sparingly if he wants to maximize his inbox placement rate. .

4- Obtain Return Path Certification

Senders certified by Return Path are considered trusted and reputable companies by email carriers, which limits the risk of having their email campaigns filtered by major carriers.

If these 4 tips do not guarantee a 100% deliverability rate, they will already allow you to optimize your inbox placement rate.


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