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Sculptra before and after images

Sculptra is a popular and effective anti-aging procedure. It is, however, far from the only effective anti-aging therapy available at Metro Dermatology in Elmhurst, NY. We’d like to chat to you about the great benefits of this injectable now to help you determine which therapy will be the most useful to you.

Sculptra Advantages:

Collagen is replenished

Sculptra’s most amazing feature is that it repairs collagen. The injectable first enhance your look by increasing volume deep beneath the surface. This “replaces” the fear and collagen that have been lost as a result of weight reduction and the passage of time. The advantages don’t end there, either.

Your skin responds by producing more collagen after the crystals in the product settle into the deepest layers of your skin. Collagen loss is the source of the majority of aesthetic issues, including hollow temples, sunken cheeks, lines, wrinkles, and drooping jawlines. As a result, when strategically injected, this injectable can stimulate your skin to correct practically any condition it may have.

It Isn’t Excruciating

Another fantastic advantage is that this procedure is completely painless. We utilize a very fine-gauge needle, so if no anesthesia is used, you will only feel a tiny pressure. However, one of the best things about this injection is that it contains a little dose of a local anesthetic. As a result, you will have no sensations during the treatment. This makes it ideal for those who are averse to needles.

It’s simple to get ready for

Another fantastic advantage of Sculptra injections is that they require very little preparation. Non-invasive cheek augmentation is one of the most prevalent applications for this injection. If you’re having a cheek augmentation using plastic implants, you’ll need to fast for 12 hours before the surgery and avoid even clear beverages for the two hours leading up to it.

All of this is required since the surgery necessitates general anesthesia, which necessitates intubation. You will have a poor experience if you cheat and your stomach is not empty when you are intubated. Because this therapy isn’t intrusive, you won’t need general anesthesia or any of the other risks that come with it.

The following are the areas where Sculptra works best:

  • The chin region is hollow.
  • Cheek hollows.
  • Temples that are hollow.
  • Bony cheekbones are softened and re-contoured.
  • The jawline is being redefined.
  • Mouth to chin/nose to mouth folds (nasolabial and nasolabial folds).
  • Some of the body’s parts.

Allergic Reactions are less likely

Because Sculptra before and after images’ main component is lactic acid, which is already present in your body, there’s almost little danger of an adverse response. However, another part of a Sculptra treatment, such as the cleaner used to prepare the specific region to be treated, carries a very low chance of causing an allergic response. Please let us know if you have any special concerns about allergy sensitivities.

How Long Does Sculptra Have an Effect?

The effects on most people can continue for up to two years in many circumstances. Maintenance requires only one treatment each year. Because your body continues to create collagen, it takes between 45-90 days after treatment to get the complete benefits.

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