Candid V6 Tablet

Candid V6 Table
Candid V6 Table


Candid V6 Tablet is a prescription medication that is available as a Candid V6 Tablet. It is used to treat candidal and fungal infections, including thrush. Off-label uses are also possible. The dosage for each patient is different depending on age, gender, and the chief complaint. In this article, you’ll learn more about how to use this medication. Here’s a guide to the dosage and other important details.

A Guide to Dosage and Other Important Details

This drug can interfere with other drugs. Consult a doctor before taking Candid V6 Tablet. It is not recommended for use while driving or by those who are pregnant. It’s also not advisable for children under three years of age. The manufacturer warns against side effects. However, these are usually minor and can be ignored if your symptoms improve over time. Despite its positive effects, some people may experience some minor side effects.

Side effects of this medication

  1. Candid-V6 tablet is not recommended for patients with Neuroleptic harmful disorder. It should not be given to patients with dynamic Tardive Dyskinesia.
  2. Side effects of this medication are rare and usually go away after a few days. If they do occur, however, they should be addressed by your physician. They may be signs of a more serious condition.
  3. While Candid-V6 tablet can be helpful for some women, it may not be appropriate for others. It may be risky for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.
  4. Candid V6 tablet can cause some unpleasant side effects if used incorrectly. For example, you should not stop the use of Candid-V 6 tablet if you feel better before the course is over.
  5. Even if you feel better and no longer require the medication, talk to your physician to see if this treatment is appropriate for you. If you decide to continue using it, you’ll have a better chance of achieving desired results.

Caution For Usage

  • One tablet of Candid V6 is usually enough for a mixed infection. For the first dose, you should insert the tablet into your vagina as deeply as possible.
  • You should avoid applying Candid V6 during your menstrual period, as this can cause itching and vomiting. You should use the tablet every four hours for best results.
  • This medication is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. So, make sure you talk to your doctor if you’re pregnant and you haven’t noticed any results after taking it.


Candid V6 tablet 6’S is an antifungal medicine for the treatment of fungal infections. It kills the fungi inside the vagina by destroying their cell membrane. It also relieves the symptoms of the infection, including itching, discharge, and rashes. To use Candid V6 tablet, you should follow the instructions on the box carefully. Store the tablet in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Do not keep it near children, as it can cause contact dermatitis.

Regulatory Classification

Candid V6 tablet 6’s are generally well tolerated once applied to the vagina. It is safe to apply Candid V6 Tablet 6’s to the vaginal region with a gauze swab or clean cotton wool. You should not exceed the recommended dose as too much of the medication can cause side effects such as burning, tingling, and oedema. You should also check with your doctor if you have any history of drug abuse.


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