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Why is cyber security highly paying?

Why is cyber security highly paying?

Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent in today’s highly technical and digitalized landscape. Accenture, a leading information technology services and consulting company, estimated that between 2020 to 2021, cyberattack incidents rose by 31%. With increasing attacks, the industry is constantly looking for well-qualified and skilled cyber security professionals to protect businesses from cyber threats and data breaches. Cyber security jobs are high-paying primarily because of their exceptional contribution to protecting the valuable asset and sensitive data. Hence, now is the best time to pursue a relevant Cybersecurity specialist Co-op program that offers a diploma degree upon completion.

Let’s peek into the well-designed cybersecurity specialist program before moving to the financial aspect of this profession.

A diploma in cyber security Co-op is popularly offered in leading Canadian institutions. Through the one-year diploma, the focus remains on developing industry-oriented knowledge and skills. This is an ideal program for professionals to get familiar with all aspects of cyber security., including Big Data, the Internet of Things(IoT), and blockchain. To land a well-paying cyber security job, an individual must possess end-to-end cyber security skills. Hence, a cyber security specialist program undertakes the study of the following important modules:

  • Computer Networks
  • Programming Languages for Cyber security
  • Communications, operations system, and data management
  • Concepts and practical implications of encryption
  • Penetration testing
  • Information security in the cyber world

When versed with all this knowledge, a cybersecurity professional is highly employable across a range of sectors. Leading companies and government agencies compete to employ top talents by offering competitive salaries.

The average annual salary of a cyber security professional in Canada starts from $76,850, while most experienced professionals can make up to $135,150 annually. With a salary of approximately $75,000 annually, employers are eager to pay the professionals for their specialized skills and knowledge while offering leading roles such as, Information Security Analyst, Chief Information Architect, Network Security Engineer, Penetration Tester, and many more.

These professionals are the asset of any growing company or business. Cyber security professionals are integral to the IT(Information Technology) or network systems. They are often termed as the backbone of the companies because they protect systems and networks from hackers and other threats while developing strong defense again potential cyber-attacks. Today, data is central to running any business, and professionals who can protect sensitive data and information are likely to be well-compensated for their valuable services.

In 2021 it was predicted that cybercrimes could be worth well over $6 million, for which companies across the globe are investing billions of dollars to protect their businesses from cyber attacks, which in turn creates a huge demand for cyber security professionals. That’s not all. The demand for cyber security professionals is estimated to grow 12 times faster, ensuring zero unemployment and an increased salary due to the basic supply and demand of talents.

If you aspire to build a futuristics career, cyber security is a fast-growing and dynamic field of the 21st century with a lot to offer. The constant demand, higher salaries, and various job roles to suit your interests come with many promises. Are you interested in earning a certification in cyber security? Then log on to our website and apply for the cybersecurity specialist program!

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