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How Amazon SEO Help Sellers To Boost Conversions

Amazon SEO

When a shopper clicks on Amazon, he/she has one goal: to buy a particular product. But the question that comes in: who will he/she buy it from?

If you want it to be from ‘you,’ it’s essential to improve your Amazon SEO.

So here I am sharing some strategies that can help improve your Amazon SEO and outrank competitors.

Let’s get started.

#1 Product Title

The most significant factor that you need to focus on to boost the product’s rankings and visibility is your product title. It is crucial to include all the pertinent information in your product title, keeping the name first.

According to Amazon, a product title should always include:

Product Name
Brand Name

Amazon is like other search engines, and keyword optimization is vital on Amazon too.


Make sure you never stuff your titles with keywords. The title should clearly describe the product and has natural keyword insertion.

The title of 5-6 words must be clear, concise, and reader-friendly. It would help make the title attractive as well as optimize it for Amazon searches.


#2 Keywords Research for Products

Keywords are the first significant factor for Amazon SEO and so are essential. If your Amazon product listing doesn’t include the keywords being searched for by the customers, your listings won’t appear.
Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and imagine the keywords they would use to search for your product. This is one of the best strategies for keywords, and these are mostly those that customers will use in the search bar.

Also, you can opt for Amazon product listing optimization services as keywords research requires extensive experience.

#3 Product Price

While setting a price for the product, check the competitive price for similar products. Bigger price gaps never win. Always try to match your price with competition’s price. Also, try to keep prices lower than your competition to chuck out the small fishes.

Product price is one of the crucial factors, which helps buyers in making a buying decision. Compared to competitors’ prices, your products shouldn’t be expensive, as that can reduce your sales drastically. For this taking help from experts is always advisable.


#4 Product Images

Great product images aren’t something buyers usually notice. But bad product images are something buyers always see. Amazon’s search algorithms do not “read” pictures, but they have massive effects on whether a shopper buys from you or not.

Make sure to fill out all the image fields. Most of your competitors will not tag images correctly, so this is an Amazon SEO advantage for those who can seize it.


#5 Product Description

Once the formulaic part of Amazon is done, it’s time to get a little creative. Remember, your aim is to convert hits into sales, so write the product description to help you achieve that.

If you’re confused about it, tell buyers how the product will help them rather than only describing it. Make customers imagine the product helping them in their life, and soon, it really will be there.


#6 Review and Rating

Product ratings and reviews are pertinent components in Amazon SEO, further evaluated and considered for better rankings.

It is said, the better the product reviews, the greater is the product’s value.

Ensure your products have ratings and reviews as they play a crucial role in enhancing the click-through rates and conversions.


The Bottom Line

To reach many customers and convert those customers into buyers, Amazon sellers need to ensure that their SEO strategies are effective and done by professionals. For effective Amazon SEO you can hire Amazon virtual assistants from well developed companies.

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