Why Do Most Commercial And Office Spaces Prefer Vitrified Tiles?

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Clay and silica, two fine minerals, are combined to create vitrified tiles. Vitrified tiles are a great alternative to genuine stone flooring since they are durable and stain-resistant.

One such item that may completely change the look of a place after an office renovation Singapore is the tiling. Selecting the appropriate floor tiles is crucial for any room since they are more durable than the other design components. It may be quite challenging to decide which solutions are best suited for different rooms given the huge variety of options available in terms of style, colors, textures, strength, and size.

Due to its various benefits and great adaptability, vitrified tiles stand out among all the other possibilities as the best floor tiles.

According to the top tiling contractor Singapore, vitrified floor tiles are the ideal option for any business or retail environment, including offices. Compared to wood or marble, they are more useful, easier to maintain, and more durable.

Top 6 reasons to choose Vitrified tiling for commercial space:

Production procedure:

Vitrified floor tiles are made using cutting-edge technology and premium raw materials like clay, feldspar, and other minerals. These materials are then dry pressed and burned at extremely high temperatures to give the tiles a robust structure.


These tiles have a high level of durability and endure for many years with little wear and tear. Additionally, they are simple to maintain and keep their quality over time.

Every place has the ideal match:

accessible in a wide range Depending on the use, you may choose from a selection of various varieties, such as Full body vitrified tiles for commercial areas, The wide variety of digitally printed designs available on glazed vitrified tiles, the added sheen and elegance of polished glazed vitrified tiles, the durability of double-charged vitrified tiles, and the appealing prints and designs of digital floor tiles are just a few of its advantages.

Chemical and acid resistance:

Because they are acid and chemical-resistant, vitrified floor tiles are excellent for usage in commercial and industrial settings.

Waterproof and stain-resistant:

The tiles’ construction makes them water, stain, and scratch resistant, making them ideal for damp spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

Perfect color coherence:

The shine and color of vitrified floor tiles do not fade away for years since they are neutral to the Sun’s UV rays, and they require very little care.

Benefits of Vitrified tiles in a nutshell:

  • Vitrified tiles provide a smooth appearance and resist fading and scraping
  • Vitrified tiles are incredibly simple to maintain and highly resistant to water, filth, and stains. This makes them simple to choose for both inside and outdoor applications
  • Low absorptivity vitrified tiles are a fantastic alternative to genuine stone floorings like marble and granite
  • For domestic use, vitrified tiles are popular because they can withstand heavy usage and have a long lifespan

Different types of Vitrified tiles for different spaces:

Based on their functional needs, various areas have vary requirements, thus it’s critical to select floor tiles that are best suit for each location. Residential rooms demand appealing prints and designs, as opposed to commercial facilities, which require thicker, longer-lasting tiles. Whatever the need, vitrified floor tiles offer an appropriate solution for every room.

Office setting:

It’s critical to select floor tiles for offices and workstations that are more maintenance-free and durable. Additionally, the tiles must be scratch- and stain-resistant to improve the daily working environment in workplaces.

Shopping centers:

Retail establishments demand a tidy, quality appearance that matches the stores. The ideal floor tiles for retail establishments are those that need little upkeep and are make of superior materials that do not fade or degrade over time.

Commercial building:

One should choose vitrified tiles that are robust, thick, long-lasting, and abrasion resistant for areas with high foot traffic, such as commercial spaces. The ideal choice for commercial and industrial environments is full-body vitrified tiles.

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