What Things to Do in Dharamshala Dalhousie Amritsar Trip

top things to do in dharamshala
best things to do in dharamshala

There are various things to do in Dharamshala while travel to Amritsar Dalhousie Dharamshala tour packages but we recommend only some of them which are given below:-


Harike Wetlands is one of India’s most important wetlands, with a large shallow lake formed by the confluence of the Sutlej and Beas rivers. Every year, beautiful winged visitors from Kazakhstan, Russia, and Siberia visit the wetlands. The birds arrive in the first week of November and stay until the beginning of March. Tufted duck, godwit, Siberian gills, Rudy, Bills, Spoon, Pantel, and other birds can see here.

Langar Seva

Guru Ka Langar is a tradition of offering langar that Guru Nanak Dev started. In many ways, the service has benefited the community. It teaches the proper etiquette for sitting and eating in a group, and it has played an important part in sustaining the principle of human equality. You can also participate in this humble duty by assisting in the Holy Golden Temple’s kitchen (chopping vegetables, washing dishes, etc.) or dining hall (serving food).

Sightseeing: Dharmshala

Sightseeing is one of the best things to do in Dharamshala because of the abundance of natural, architectural, and spiritual attractions. Colorful monasteries like Namgyal will ease your mind while aromatic tea gardens will heal your soul.


The forested hills soaring above the clouds, as well as the breezy surroundings, will tempt you to abandon the concrete walls and pitch your own tent for the night. Dharamshala is a dream come true for anyone with a tent, or even if you don’t have one (you may rent one).

Bir Billing

One of the best things to do in Dharamshala is go paragliding. This will be the highlight of your visit to Dharamshala. Bir Billing, just 65 kilometres from Dharamshala, is one of India’s greatest paragliding destinations. People travel from all over the world to experience one of India’s best paragliding sessions. Since this town is recognize for hosting the world’s first paragliding world cup. Paragliding is a heavenly reward after a two-hour trip to Bir Billing. It is one of the top things to do in Dharamshala.


Maintaining your fitness while on vacation sounds like a fantastic idea, and it’s even better when you’re riding across the Himalayas. For someone who enjoys exploring at their own pace, cycling/mountain biking is one of the best activities to do in Dharamshala. The majority of the roads here are well-kept, and because network faults are rare, you can rely on GPS to locate the best routes throughout town.

Must visit Khajjiar

As a leading Mumbai Tour and Travel Agency, we introduce you to the ‘mini-Switzerland of India’ if you are unfamiliar with this wonderful tiny town. A Swiss counsellor picked a stone from the small town and added it to the Swiss parliament’s stone collage.

It was a way of recognizing Khajjiar’s topographical similarity to Switzerland. An lovely meadow with surrounding pine trees, followed by snow-capped mountains, is Khajjiar’s main feature.

Dalhousie is about 30 kilometres from Khajjiar. Many adventurous activities, such as Zorbing and horseback riding, take place on the meadow. Paragliding, on the other hand, may be done after a short trek uphill that also provides a magnificent aerial perspective of the valley.

In local Hindu mythology, the Khajjiar lake and Khajjinag temple in the meadow are extremely important. With grazing cows and picnicking families, you can enjoy a slower pace of life. In retrospect, it may have given you a short experience comparable to those captured in the iconic ‘Switzerland’ photographs.

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