Best Places to Visit Romania

Best Places to Visit Romania

Romania is a great contrast to taking a tour for tourists that exists on the Balkan Peninsula. It is a bold and cosmopolitan capital of Bucharest-A largest city in the country.

However, Romania is mainly well-known for its hidden mysteries; it best encompasses large quaint old towns, resorts fascinated with the mountains, and the burgeoning art community.

Moreover, It enriches the customs like history, culture, and peace inspired by the country’s mountains. So, whether you make Allegiant Airlines booking for the Romania trip, you won’t regret your restricted weekends in Romania. But we can confidently declare your satisfaction and enthusiasm back to your work after strolling around Romania.

What are the Best Options for an Unusual Experience in Romania?

However, Romania has a lot to keep the tourists busy and is influenced by its beauty so that you would have a worthwhile trip to Romania. But as per your vacations, you might find exploring all the tourist places in Romania difficult. Therefore, are you searching for the Best Places to Visit Romania?

Furthermore, your trip to the destination won’t be usual like always. Here’s the List of the top tourist places you should visit to seek an unusual experience.

Citadel of Alba Iulia

The Citadel of Alba Iulia is the key attraction enriched with the captivating exhibitions inside the historical fort, two iconic cathedrals, remarkable sculptures, and the wine and beer bars which is the perfect spot to sit with friends and chill with the mugs of beer along with dazzling sights.

You can experience an adorable design over the museum’s walls; whether it’s exterior or interior, both deserve great appreciation. It enriches great things with beauty, such as parks, water fountains, eateries, and castles to explore. 

You can bother with options like a bus tour around the place or renting a bicycle. The sightseeing throughout the city and the countryside layout make you experience the breathtaking vibes. 

You are highly urged to tour this Romanian site for an ideal family trip. After glancing at the statement on this place in Romania, you might have better guessed why we declare it the Best Place for the tour.

Memorial of the Victims of Communism and the Resistance

These days Memorial of the Victims of Communism and the Resistance is well-known for its exceptional insight into the dark period in the Romanian record. It is a memorial of the communist generation in Romania from World War II to 1989. 

Although it is not easier to reach out to this place for touring as it states such a disaster, it shows enough wisdom through the suffering in the earlier time. 

It is priceless to maintain the history, including its memory, and educate the upcoming generation(newborns). That’s why the Victims of Communism and the Resistance’s Memorial is one of the Romanian tourist places to explore at least once.

Torre do Relogio

Torre do Relogio is a museum enriched with interesting historical ornaments from the medieval generations. It is held at the old town’s heart next to Vlad Dracula’s birthplace.

This treasure gallery full of historical mysteries is not complicated to reach for seeking deck’s eyeshots and strolling the entire floor of this gallery but it is an incredible feeling for the tourists. 

It is recommended to include it in your itinerary and seek the clock mechanism glimpse throughout the tour. It is a specialty of Torre do Relogio and makes it a prominent place of Romanian sites.

Sighisoara Historic Centre

This place sprinkles a breathtaking experience for the people touring with its fascinating old town, charming multicoloured huts, and clock tower. The overview of the site seems awesome. 

Here you can find a plethora of exceptionally beautiful cobbled avenues, churches, historic buildings, and a dramatic small courtyard at the city’s centre. 

In addition to its narrow winding streets and all the buildings, the Sighisoara’s historic centre is likely to be one of the finest Romanian tourist places without interruption.

Church on the Hill

Here you can seek a Cool and quiet aura. This impressive church is uncovered on the top of the old town of Sighisoara, which is well-known as the perfect tourist attraction in Romania for families. 

It is easier to spot this attraction in Romania; you need to head down to the tomb and walk through the pews and the old-time exhibits. 

You are highly urged for this place to pass your weekends. And capture the captivating view of frescos and the old bell in the church standing on the top. 

Spend a couple of hours once reaching out to the church and seek eternal peace. You can experience numerous interesting segments to admire.

Sulina Beach

Sulina truly makes the people experience a live paradise on earth. People consider it an enthralling place to explore while reaching out to Romania. So, it is highly adviced to you to visit this attraction. 

The sea is black due to the Black Sea and the Danube Delta combination. The beach has a great spread, including the finest white soft sand, where you can enjoy a long walk with your partner. 

While going through the road ending at the beachside, don’t miss the old Sulina Cemetery explorer. It is about two kilometers from the coast. And even walk to the Danube and seek captivating eye shots of the historical monuments and crafts.

The Dracula Investigation

The Dracula investigation exposes Vlad Tepe’s narrative in a current way. It is a contrasting attraction because it comprises educational, fun, and mysterious segments. Hence, it is one of Romania’s top 10 places to stroll. 

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Things for Entertainment in Romania

There are plentiful things to enjoy throughout the trip to Romania.

  • The Romania tour enables you to seek iconic snapshots. You can go for a long walk with your partner to Sulina Beach.
  • You can collect some mysteries of various items in different museums in Romania.
  • You can buy the distinctive ornaments of Romania. And many more.

Stay-inns According to the Best Places to Visit

Below are some of the stay-inns which would be helpful for you in finding the best corner to stay in Romania throughout your weekends.

  • Citadel of Alba Iulia: Hotel Citate, Parc Hotel, Hotel Apulum, Hotel Transylvania
  • Memorial of the Victims of Communism and the Resistance: Casa Lurca, Carisma, Loca Loca Specialita Piadine, Pensuine Restaurant Flamingo.
  • Torre do Relogio: Hotel Sighisoara, Hotel Central Park, Hotel Casa Wagner.
  • Sighisoara Historic Centre:  Hotel Casa Wagner, Hotel Sighisoara, Hotel Central Park, Casa Savri
  • Church on the Hill: Hotel Sighisoara, Hotel Central Park, Hotel Restaurant Claudiu, Restaurant-Pensiunea Joker.
  • The Dracula Investigation: Hotel Sighisoara, Georgius Krauss House, Hotel Casa Wagner, Casa Savri
  • Sulina Beach: Cormoran Resort, Green Village Resort, Lebada Luxury Resort and Spa, Puflene Resort.
  • When is the Right to Visit Romania without any Interruption?

Suppose you are thinking of the uninterrupted tour of Romania’s sites. Then you should book the trip to Romania from July to August. But if you are flexible with your journey, September to October is the best time to explore Romanian tourist attractions.

During these months, fewer crowds descend to this destination to enjoy milder weather. Furthermore, you can experience a more authentic aura of autumn.

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