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What Makes PowerMTA the Most Preferred Email Delivery Software?


Today’s marketers strive for three things: high productivity, consistent engagement, and high return on investment, or ROI. The email delivery platform might restrict their ability to achieve all three if they stick with just one ESP. Thus, marketers seek to minimize inefficiencies by balancing their email volume among several service providers.

Recent technological developments have increased the options available to email marketers. There are full-service email marketing platforms like MailChimp, cloud SMTPs like Dyn, and on-premise SMTPs like PowerMTA. Therefore, many choices come with a variety of decision-making issues. The topic of this article is PowerMTA, why it is so popular, and how you can set it up.

What is PowerMTA?

A software program PowerMTA delivers innumerable emails every hour to marketers. The email delivery software is designed to improve efficiency, productivity, and deliverability, boosting the conversion rate of your emails.

It implements virtual MTA technology and has extended configuration capabilities. By doing so, it can precisely control sources, IP addresses, and domains.

PowerMTA Features

  • Connects several times simultaneously and sends several messages at a time
  • Allows throttling
  • Establish a retry and bounce period
  • Provides for the authentication methods
  • Breaks connections of weaker precedence queues
  • Build the reputation of new IPs
  • Pause, delete, and re-establish queues
  • Compared to alternatives, delivers ten times more emails
  • Complies with email protocols
  • Processes both outbound and inbound messages
  • Segment mail-streams effectively using virtual MTAs

Companies that Rely on PowerMTA

Because PowerMTA provides so many features and benefits, more than 70% of the bulk email industry relies on it. Below you will find a partial list of some of the top marketing engines that use PowerMTA. PowerMTA fuels email services from MailChimp, Emarsys, SAS, and Microsoft.

5 Reasons Why PowerMTA is Preferred

We now have a better understanding of PowerMTA Installation, what it is, and how it works. Let’s find out why email marketers around the world prefer it.

Better Email Deliverability Rates

The primary reason marketers choose powerMTA is that it focuses on email delivery. By allocating its resources primarily to ensure efficient and effective email delivery, it sets itself apart from its competitors.

Abundant Options for Integration

It easily integrates with third-party CRM software, email editors, CMS tools, and other enterprise-grade tools. It is enabling you to manage your front-end email campaigns seamlessly.

Flexible hosting

It allows for more flexibility in the purchase and installation of PowerMTA because it is software and not a hardware device. Due to its cross-platform nature, different versions are available for Windows, Sun Solaris, and Linux, ensuring maximum functionality. There are no compatibility problems with PowerMTA, so email senders may run it on their preferred hosting platform.

Industry’s Gold Standard

In the industry, more than 70% of email service providers run their email delivery engines with PowerMTA. There is no doubt that PowerMTA has established itself as the industry standard by gaining a large share of the market.

Builds Reputation

In addition, PowerMTA keeps track of the reputation of all your email streams and even notifies you if subscribers block you. Boosting email deliverability and conversion rates becomes easier with this control over email server reputation.

Benefits of PowerMTA

Suitable for high-volume applications

Companies may have their email limits limited by Internet Service Providers to prevent spam. High-volume email senders will find PowerMTA extremely useful since it allows them to send as many emails as they need.

Highly Adaptable

The PowerMTA application is extremely dynamic, so it can easily adapt to constant changes in internet service provider policies. By doing so, users can make real-time adjustments, which improves deliverability.

High Reliability due to real-time analysis

PowerMTA allows you to adjust your settings according to your local environment, which makes it easier to create a reliable marketing strategy. A rate-limiting practice can be curtailed and strategies calibrated.

Simple set-up

Email marketers can create their email delivery servers using PowerMTA because it isn’t too complex. Additionally, it provides marketers with greater flexibility in improving their email deliverability practices.

Highly Customizable

The PowerMTA provides greater flexibility and sender control by allowing users to group messages effectively. You can also set different actions according to domain rules at different thresholds. Automatic Back mode allows users to predefine rules that shape individual messages.

How to Set up PowerMTA?

An important aspect of PowerMTA is obtaining a license. To use the software for email marketing campaigns, you must install and configure it correctly. It is possible to install PowerMTA on any VPS that you choose.

You should only use PowerMTA if you’re a bulk sender and send more than 1 million emails a month. Configuring and managing PowerMTA is a hassle for low-volume email senders.

Implementing a software package that has over 300 pages filled with over 200 configurations and choosing the right one for your company is not a simple task.

Using PowerMTA, you can continuously improve your sender reputation after installation and PowerMTA starts sending email campaigns. Email deliverability will improve greatly if you switch from generic to more streamlined and advanced marketing practices.

It is increasingly difficult to get into consumer inboxes, which is forcing companies to improve their email marketing stacks. Is it difficult to set up and manage your PowerMTA instance? We can turn around your email marketing game if you give us a heads up.

Five Essential PowerMTA Configuration Tips

Check your email headers with source directives

High-volume senders and ESPs often feel as if they have no control over email headers when sending on behalf of another organization.   Email almost always ends up in the junk folder if best practices aren’t followed. PowerMTA allows you to add missing data or Message-ID headers.  You can disable adding the “received header” altogether or hide internal sources. By using the latter, the email appears to originate from the sender’s public IP address.

Use parameter inheritance wisely to maintain a clean configuration

DRY configurations are important for manageability. Software developers use the acronym DRY, which stands for Don’t Repeat Yourself.  Using PowerMTA, for example, you can merge all matching settings. PowerMTA often matches every IP address it receives, so you can move common settings to the source 0/0. There are exceptions, such as “always-allow-relaying” which should only allow relaying from specific sources. As well as removing settings with obvious default values, you can also reduce redundant configurations.

Domain directives combine all matching domain entries, giving preference to entries that are more specific, no matter what order they appear in the configuration. The wildcard domain configuration can be simplified by using sensible default settings.  By enabling TLS on “many” specific domains using the following setting, for instance, it no longer is necessary to enable it on all domains:

<domain *>

use-starttls yes # Use TLS when delivering email


Use valid email domains instead of invalid ones

When the local part of an email address is missing, your ISP will usually send you an error message. Invalid domains might produce repeated errors, such as failed DNS lookups, non-responsive servers, or unresponsive servers.

It is important to focus resources on valid domains rather than waste them on invalid ones. Invalid domains caused by typos often have the “A” record in DNS without the “MX” mail server record. PowerMTA can bounce emails if no MX records are found for a domain. A domain macro and black-holing also allow you to drop mail from discontinued domains and domains with anonymous discardable accounts.  Nevertheless, invalid or less important domains should not be configured.

Apply settings based on your data and experience

I want to reiterate something we’ve talked about before.  The PowerMTA configuration directives are ready to use right out of the box. It is not useful to copy settings from other sources or to match configurations from another sender environment directly, since it may result in redundant configurations or in settings that do not apply to your environment. It is best to keep it simple and add settings that are appropriate to your “own” environment, and that you understand.

The configuration requirements for US senders differ from those for European senders. Further, the settings are often determined by the volume of mail, the type of email, and the reputation of the IPs sending the email.  The PowerMTA accounting files can be used to determine which domains are most important to you. For example, you can determine the errors that should trigger the back-off mode by looking at the bounce reports.

Monitoring ISP throttling with transient errors

Deliveries or bounces are frequently recorded in the PowerMTA accounting logs. However, you can gain valuable insight into delivery by logging transient errors. Messages from a certain IP address are limited by webmail providers as well as smaller ISPs. When the limit is reached, PowerMTA logs a temporary error. You can use this information to adjust the volume for IP seasoning (warm-up) or to configure the back-off mode.

As a bulk emailing service provider, PMTA Setup will help you design a set of email marketing workflows and servers that encompass the latest best practices in email marketing.

Have you considered upgrading your email marketing infrastructure? Your email marketing campaigns will be more successful if you invest in tools such as PowerMTA.

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