Geysers: The Unknowns Of A Water Heater And Beyond

water heater

In today’s world, getting hot water has become so simple. With the invention of geysers, you can now get hot water at the comfort of your house by just pressing on a switch. Regardless of your reasons for searching for one, a geyser is a necessary appliance in every home. Since geysers were once considered a luxury item that only the “rich” could purchase, they are now a necessity in every home.

Water heating is a custom that is neither novel nor uniquely contemporary. Geysers and hot springs are, in fact, a result of nature. Long back, water piped in from a furnace which was heated using hypocaust, a system of hot baths and underfloor heating used in ancient Rome. The first instantaneous water heater, known as “The Geyser,” was created by an Englishman named Benjamin Maughan in 1868. With this apparatus, hot water heated as it poured into a bath. It was a breakthrough invention.

Points To Consider When Purchasing A Geyser

It would be helpful to think about various factors while purchasing a geyser online. Some of these are listed below.

Type of the geyser – Many water heaters are available in the market. Instant geysers, storage geysers, instant gas heaters, and instant water pump heaters are a few types of water heaters or geysers. From there, you can choose which matches your needs. For instance, certain water heaters take up a lot more space and electricity than other water heaters.

Brand – You should always buy a geyser from a trusted brand that is well known and accredited. Even though it may be expensive, it would be safe. Branded water heaters provide customer assistance, safety features, and warranties.

Size – You should choose a water heater which could store enough water for your family. For example, a geyser 15L storage capacity is suitable for bathing a household of two to three people.

Electricity consumption – You should always buy a geyser that consumes less electricity than other types. This will not only save up on your monthly electricity bills but is also environment friendly. One of the major concerns with geysers is the amount of energy they consume, which indirectly harms the environment. Thus, you can make an informed choice and choose one that is energy efficient.

However, with its great advantage of offering a more comfortable and advanced life, these appliances have certain drawbacks.

Possible Risks Associated With Geysers

● When in contact with water at 60 degrees Celsius, they can burn human skin to the third degree in less than five seconds. Therefore, it is important to ensure safety while heating the geyser and taking the water out. Do not keep the geyser switched on for a prolonged period.

● Malfunctioning electric water heaters might result in an electric shock. Therefore, ensure your geyser is repaired at regular intervals to avoid haphazards.

● Proper ventilation is vital for gas geysers, in the absence of which they can become harmful.

Therefore while choosing a geyser for your home, you need to be extra careful. You can easily get different types of water heaters, including tankless, electric, gas and storage water heaters online and in your nearby home appliances store. However, before choosing a geyser, you need to be sure that it is of the best quality and meets all your needs.


As the world is advancing and inventing newer technologies, it has become more important now than ever to choose wisely. Undoubtedly, inventions like geysers make human life more comfortable and easy, but while looking for comfort, you should not ignore other things. Invest in water heaters, but choose one that is energy efficient and does not exploit limited resources such as water and electricity.

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