What is Bioresonance Therapy and How much is it Successful?

bioresonance therapy

Bio-resonance therapy is a form of holistic diagnosis. Bio-resonance therapy also uses a machine to diagnose disease. Not only this, but it will also help in curing certain diseases. The bioresonance devices are also available, and it is in the therapy. That can read the energy wavelengths from the cells inside the body. The frequencies of those wavelengths were then able to provide information about the body’s health. The bioresonance therapy device also helps interpret the results. It uses in diagnosing diseases. The bioresonance therapy cost is unable to determine. And there are so many elements that need to consider while costing.

How does bioresonance therapy work?

Bioresonance therapy is the idea of treating unhealthy cells or organs. That emits alter electromagnetic waves due to DNA damage. It detects these waves and is use to diagnose diseases. Also, changing tides back to their expect frequency may be able to treat the condition. First, the bioresonance uses the electrodes and places them on the skin. Then, it is hook up to a machine that reads the energy wavelengths emitting from the body. This whole process is known as the diagnose. The next step is to treat the condition in which the machine manipulates the energy frequencies, which allows the body’s cells to vibrate at their natural frequency. Therefore this whole process is outline in the bioresonance therapy working.

For how many health-relate conditions is bioresonance therapy use to treat?

Bioresonance therapy is use to treat several diseases and health conditions. It is also helpful in diagnosing such health conditions as stomach pain, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, overtraining syndrome, smoking cessation, etc.

What research has result in proving the bioresonance therapy?

There are very little research has been done on bioresonance therapy. That bioresonance treatment is also use to treat stomach pain. Whereas some study have been done on the effectiveness of rheumatoid arthritis. Some researchers say that it is effective for cancer patients, also. Some studies have been done on bioresonance therapy but conclude that it is not an equally satisfactory treatment. Because according to most health care professionals, therapy cannot accurately diagnose or treat the medical illness. Since no clear evidence has been there which proves the effectiveness of this therapy among human beings.

On the other side, some small studies have shown the positive impact of therapy on humankind, but all of them are very limit in number.

What work has been in practice until now for this therapy, and what are its results?

In other terms,  therapy is also known as electrodermal testing, BIT, bio-energetic therapy, energy medicine, BIT, biophysical information therapy, and vibrational medicine. No matter what the name of this therapy is, the therapy is base upon the notion that disease organs and cancer cells emit electromagnetic oscillations. They are different from those that are emitte by healthy cell. therapy is working and promote for diagnosing asthma, atopic dermatitis, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, and treatments for cancer diseases.

What are the claims by researchers about bioresonance therapy?

But so far up now, according to research, there are no clinical trials for cancer patients according to therapy. Therefore, according to them, there is no validity to claims that the device can kill tumor cells. Furthermore, according to most of the researchers, no positive findings for bioresonance therapy. Therefore considering all the latest research, many researchers and doctors are unsatisfiy with treatment. Or this therapy and are ask to avoid it because of no scientific validity.

Does bioresonance therapy is prosperous world widely?

Minimal research was done on bioresonance therapy, but some study have been done on it to get their result. According to researchers and studies, in 2014, bioresonance was using for smoking cessation, and the study says that after the bioresonance therapy, almost 77.2 percent of the people quit smoking. And some people have stop smoking after the treatment.

According to another study of stomach pain, it was found that this therapy is very fruitful for stomach pain, and it help reduce the in for any patient with a stomach ache. Moreover, much research was done on allergies and asthma too. So it was successful too, with a few negative and positive results. Moreover, hematite arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, etc., were also research-base on therapy. And the effects are both negative and positive. Similarly, some more researches need to go through for more confirmation and authentication of this therapy to satisfy the customers and the patients.

However, there are many more therapies that are also in practice in medical science, but they need some more research and authenticity for the betterment of the patients.

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