Traditional House Construction

Have you decided to take the plunge and have your traditional house built ? Choosing an expert company, able to take care of the construction of a traditional house from A to Z is the best solution to reduce the stress caused by such a project. You can take the services of Best House Extension Builder in Leicester

Regardless of the land you have or the size of the construction you desire, is here to support your home construction .

Why choose a traditional house?

The construction of a traditional house involves the use of economical and common materials, used in local architecture. It allows you to create a property that fits perfectly into your neighborhood and its environment, while reducing construction costs .

Opting for a traditional house reduces the total price of your contemporary house construction project . In addition, this choice gives you the opportunity to personalize your future home and quickly obtain a characterful, warm and family home.

Construction of a traditional house: the stages

Masonry company and builder of individual houses , We support you in all stages of your project.

Pre-construction study

In a house construction project , the preliminary study is an essential step to personalize your project and allow you to adapt it to the local Local Urbanism Plan (PLU), to the thermal regulations and to the specificities of your municipality.

Our experts, specialized in energy renovation and the use of ecological materials, will help you choose the best insulation solutions and optimal weather resistance. They will also ensure that you choose the best location for your construction of traditional single-storey or two-storey houses. This step gives rise to the filing of a complete building permit file.

We take care of all your administrative procedures to save time.

Soil preparation

Once your building permit file has been accept, We coordinate the excavation and construction of the foundations. During this step, several elements will be carried out:

  • The excavations that will house the foundations;
  • The trenches that will supply the traditional house with water, electricity and gas as well as its connection to the sewerage network;
  • Road access;
  • The foundations;
  • The pouring of the floor slab;

House construction: the shell

The structural work corresponds to the construction of the traditional house. This type of work includes all the steps necessary for the waterproofing and air tightness of the construction . The structural works are covered by the ten-year guarantee. When the structural work is finished, the house is therefore completely weatherproof. To do this, the skilled workers proceed:

  • At the construction of the walls;
  • At the installation of the frame and the roof;
  • Carrying out waterproofing work;
  • Installing doors, windows and bay windows.

The second work

The finishing work is considered the finishing stage in the construction of a traditional house. During this, the house becomes habitable thanks to:

  • When installing the insulation according to the RT2012 standard;
  • Connecting the traditional house to the electrical and telephone networks;
  • The finalization of the plumbing network, the installation of a heating and domestic hot water network;
  • Installation of exterior partitions as well as internal joinery (stairs, railings, etc.);
  • At the realization of the exterior facade;
  • For the installation of floor coverings, wall coverings, sanitary equipment, etc.


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