Things that you should know before buying a wood table

wood table
wood table

A well-designed table is not just a piece of furniture that has a utility aspect but it is one place where the entire family sits together and connects over mealtime. In case you are decorating and furnishing your dining area, you should choose the right wood table. It depends on a lot of factors like the number of members who are going to use the table, how much space is available in the room, what design will go with the entire ambience, what is your budget, and what material is the best. Buying a wooden table is a big investment and you wouldn’t want to go wrong with the same.

Best wood for the table

In case you are looking for a wooden table, there are a variety of woods that you need to consider-

  • Oak Tables- Oak is a hard-wearing wood table that can be used constantly and has a timeless natural beauty. This wood is an expensive option so it is considered as an investment.
  • Walnut tables- This material table stands out for its darker and bold look. It is a hard and dense wood that makes it perfect for a dining table. This is one of the most sought-after woods.
  • Pine tables- Pine is a slighter softer wood that is light in color. It is a cheap, hard-wearing, and durable wood that makes it a great pick for a wood table.

Finishes for a table

Once your table has been made, applying a proper finish is the last but the most important part of furniture making.  This is done by applying a special liquid to the wood surface that forms a protective layer once it is dried up.

  • Varnish- It is a sticky liquid that offers a hard, clear, and shiny surface on the wood. It is so hard that it protects the wood from stains, scuffs, dirt, and liquids.
  • Wax- Wax has been around for centuries when you wish the ‘go-to’ finish for tables. Wax can enhance the grain in the wood. The wood table that has been done with wax can be repaired and maintained easily.
  • Wood oil- These oils do a great job of protecting your table, maintaining the natural feel and texture of the wood. These oils are also great at enhancing the natural color of the wood.

Tips for taking care of your wood table

One of the finest qualities of a wood table is that it can last a lifetime. It can be treasured for a lifetime and can be passed down through multiple generations. But even the best quality wood can attract scratches if not taken care of properly. When you purchase wooden furniture, you should follow cleaning and care instructions.

  1. Don’t mistreat furniture- You should treat your furniture well. Try to avoid putting hot glasses or mugs on wood tables. Also, always put the hot food on the table on a potholder. Clean drink spills immediately so that the stains don’t become tough and hamper the polish on the table.
  2. Avoid environmental damage- Fine wood furniture can get spoilt because of sunlight, heat, and other environmental factors. Don’t place valuable furniture in front of uncovered windows or fireplaces because heat can damage the wood.
  3. Keep the surface of the table clean- sometimes only dusting is not enough. You need to clean your table thoroughly. You shouldn’t use all-purpose cleaners to clean the table because they spoil the polish. In case there is a spot that is heavily soiled, you can dip a cloth in water that contains a mild dish detergent.
  4. Dust regularly- The best way to take care of your wooden furniture is that you should dust it often. Frequent dusting avoids the dust buildup. You should use soft dusters to dust your wooden tables.
  5. Re-oil dry wood- In case your furniture has been stored, it becomes dry. You can re-oil it by applying furniture oil. Let the oil soak into the wood for about 15 to 20 minutes. If you apply a protective coating, you should let your furniture set for at least 24 hours before using it.


The best part about purchasing a solid wood table is that it can be easily refinished. With time your table might look worn out but if you refinish the table you can add a new lease of life to it. Just buying a wooden table is not enough. You should take care of your wooden furniture well. It might seem time-consuming but the reward for your effort will make your home clean and your furniture looks beautiful even after a lot of years. Any wooden piece is worthy of all your attention.  So, it requires extra care and maintenance. Also, while choosing a wooden table consider all the above factors so that your investment is worth it.

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