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The Healthiest Alternative: Why Vaping. Elf bar

Elf bar vape 2

Cigarettes are causing numerous distasting effects on the world. Starting from destroying the environment to sabotaging the health of every living organism. For those who want to quit cigarettes forever, plenty of ways are available today for cigarette cessation, such as nicotine replacement therapy, nicotine patch, and much more. However, vaping is considered the healthiest alternative to smoking Elf bar.

The primary reason vaping is healthier than cigarettes. Vaping isn’t as old as its popularity this day. You can find vapes and disposable vape device like Elf bar in any of your nearby markets and many online stores in the UK. In this article, we’ll see the reasons in detail why vapes are rated as the healthiest alternative.

Reasons for Vaping Being the Healthiest

The following reasons explain why vaping is a healthier choice than cigarettes.

A Way For Tobacco Replacement:

Traditional cigarettes use tobacco to deliver nicotine to your body. Nicotine is present naturally in tobacco. Everyone knows the fact that smoking can give birth to several diseases in our bodies by initiating blood clotting. Diseases include heart disease, stroke, lung disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and cancer.


On the other hand, vapes device like Elf bar 600 have nothing to do with tobacco. It contains a safer form of nicotine called nic salt than the freebase nicotine that cigarettes contain.

The No-Burning Effect

The significant difference between vapes and cigarettes is the absence of the burning process. Cigarettes produce smoke through the combustion process. It burns tobacco and, as a result, provides nicotine to your body. Tobacco is already toxic enough; after burning, the toxicity levels reach the skies.


Moreover, inhaling the burnt smoke of tobacco can wreck the lungs in many ways. The burnt tobacco and carcinogens residue, tobacco smoke, and bits of paper tissue install themselves into layers of your lungs–leading to COPD and cancer. In comparison, no research witnessed carcinogens or burning effects in the E-liquid of vapes. So We can’t talk the same about it.


Vapes use the vapourisation method and present in the tank. As a result, the vapour is produced in a safer nicotine.

Conclusion Of Lab Processing


The E-liquid of the vape or Puff bar devices is prepared by lab processing, and alot of chemicals and harmful compounds are removed during the process–making it a better alternative. According to NHS, vaping is 95% safer than cigarettes. There is no tar present in the E-juice of the vape. Instead, the E-juice contains four things: VG, PG, flavour, and nicotine.

A Step Towards Cigarette Cessation

Numerous vape manufacturing companies advertise vapes for cigarette cessation. And why not? Turning to vaping is a good idea if you’re trying to quit smoking or nicotine addiction.

Because with vaping, you can adjust the nicotine range according to your need. You can start with the same nicotine level as you used to smoke cigarettes.


Once you’ve stopped smoking permanently, you can shift your focus onto quitting nicotine. Suppose you vape with 20mg nicotine. As a first step, decrease the nicotine to 18mg, then 16, lower, and lower– finally to 0mg. It’s not going to be easy, but it is not impossible. Just make up your mind and dive in!

E-cigarettes For Non-Smokers:

With all the alluring and odourful fruity flavours and shinny vape devices, several types of people get attracted to vapes, even non-smokers. For those, vaping is not advertised to be healthy because it is a healthier option when compared to smoking. But, it is not healthy for anyone who doesn’t smoke.

The Bottom Line:

Cigarettes are dragging thousands of people to their deaths every day. People needed something to help them stop this catastrophic health habit, and vaping is here to save today!


Vaping is presented as a better and healthier alternative to smoking because it contains E-liquid free from tobacco and plenty of other harmful compounds and chemicals. Moreover, vaping heats the E-juice not burns it.

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