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Need of PMI-PMP certification

PMI-PMP stands for Project Management Institute- Project Management Professionals. which offers professionals certificates on different courses of Project Management. although, You need to know, what project management really is. Nevertheless, I will explain what is project management and the need of PMI-PMP.

What is project management?

Project management is great deal in current time. although, research shows 2.2 million project based job vacancy will be filled by year 2027. Clearly, this imply that industry will ask for project managers. Every organisation has sight for the top position. moreover, reaching at top isn’t that easy since one needs effective and successful project to reach there. Idea won’t be enough.  Here project management comes into the play. Project management works on transforming the entire idea into a fruitful product. There are three steps of project management.

  • Research, documentation, and planning
  • Executing
  • Testing and

Research, discovery and planning

Research and depth study is first step. obviously this’ll help you in project management and gathering the data. whether marketing or business. It gives you the clear idea about the product validity in the market, potential and target audience of the product. it also helps in upgrade, development and will let you know about your project’s competitors. Research gives you great idea about ways, one can design the entire process. Planning could only be done after good research.


Second step in project management will cover the entire building process. Idea generation and research are just  foundation. Execution is the foundation here. although this section will help you build the entire infrastructure. Imagine you are building a house. In research, firstly you search for the property. then background research whether it’s legal or not. Afterwards, you will take the next initiative, building of the house. following, need labors, electrician, plumbers, designer and items. All of these people will execute and will give you the final product. similar process and outcome is a successful business needs. firstly, team will be formed for the entire work, they will be categorized according to the specialization

These departments will have their team leaders. they will assign the work to specific individuals. although, at hierarchy table, a project manager is at the top. Manager will find the best way to bring out a team’s full potential. Cooperation in between the teams

  • healthy and productive work environment,
  • execution and cooperation between the teammates, all of these will be done by the project manager.

Testing and measuring

This is a step that is done sometimes before or sometimes after the product launch. Entire product for which the entire team worked, executed and created. now needs to go through the test to prove it’s potential. Product will get into the market, people will use it. Feedback here will give you the suggestions. These suggestions will give you an opportunity to improve the product to make it more successful. Entire test run is for improvement.

Benefits of Project Management

There’s a reason that big firms are giving preference to project management. Project management does offer you great benefits. It make things better for the firm. Some of these benefits are:-

  • More efficient times: – productive time is the core of the project. Investing hours isn’t the solution. although, developers should ensure, time spent on the product shouldn’t be futile. however, Project management ensures that the assigned work completes before the deadline.
  • Happier teams and clients: – project management ensures that the workload doesn’t exceed. although, Team should work happily rather than in stress. Great team work gives you the better efficiency and results in better good final product. Great product at times also keep the client happy.
  • Better organisation: – specific assigned work gives you better product as one person doesn’t get burdened by the huge workload.
  • Higher output: – with great no. of people working on the same thing, the more no. of brains bring better product and changes.
  • Risk management: – when there’s a risk the project management helps in minimizing the danger, and maximizing the solution.
  • Accountability: – assigned work, specific departments will help you in accountability. Organised structure will help in tackling the huge risk. This is why project management is effective and productive.


In this section we will discuss about the Project Management Professionals certificate offered exclusively by the Project Management Institute. There are several project management course certifications, offered by PMI and PMP is one them. Training and certification offered by the PMI, enhances the skills of the professional and makes them technologically advance for the industry.

  • What is PMP?

This question sounds very familiar, when we seek to know about it in details. PMP is a certification offer by the Project Management Institute. It’s an upgrade for the project managers. Industries all over the world are questing for skilled project managers. This certification is designed in such a way for professionals, that they can tackle problems, organised work process and increase productivity all over the world.

professionals are familiar with every scenarios, aware with various methodologies. rather, non-certified professionals, certified professionals are apprise with ways to manage the project.

Some of these methodologies are:

  1. Predictive
  2. Agile
  3. Hybrid

PMP training also modifies the professional’s skills such as

  1. People: – for the good environment, it makes professionals highly known with the soft skills, to lead the project.
  2. Process: – to bring the more productivity, it make sure that the individual use various technical methods.
  • Business environment: – emphasising the connection between project and organisation strategy.

According to the research PMI certified professionals earn more than the non-certified professionals. Thus, we can imply that PMP adds more value to the professional’s portfolio. Primary objective of PMP certification is to train individuals for an affective project management.

Eligibility and exam process

For the certification exam one should be eligible. there are two education eligibility

  • Four year degree: – professionals with four year degree need to have 36 months of work experience. Individual should have 4500 hours of experience in leading or directing of the project. At the last he or she should have spent 35 hours to learn and earn knowledge about project management, only from the Authorised Training Partners. Nevertheless, if you have spent the given time in learning through online programs, seminars and PMP exam prep courses. it will also be added as the contact hours in learning.
  • High school diploma: – professionals with low qualification should have 60 months of general project work experience. The applicant should have 7,500 hours of experience,  leading or heading the project. The one should have invested 35 hours in gaining the project management education.

Exam process

following this, in last section we will explain the final step. Finally, examination for the certification. After selecting your course from PMI’s course index. You need to fill the necessary data required, then submission.

Audit process

Accepted students for audit will get their email of selection. you will be ask to pay the certification exam fees. During whole audit process, you need to submit documents within 90 days. After the successful audit your work 1 year of examination eligibility period will begin.


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