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Reasons Why a Digital Marketing Certification is Better than a college Degree

Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

Are you confused about what to do after completing high school or graduation?


No idea whether to take admission into the next-level course or if you want to start earning after you come out of college?


There are thousands of questions like the above, confirmed in the 90s. People who want to study will prefer studying and cannot do part-time earnings.


But the time has changed, and with the changing time, people and technology changed too. Today, we live in a digital era where we can easily access the web anytime and anywhere.
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There is no restriction to gaining access to certain information, and therefore earning remains no challenge anymore. Here are a few important reasons you should consider a digital marketing certification over a college degree.


  1. Career-oriented –

     A professional digital marketing certification helps you when you are looking to attain career objectives within a short period. 


Career-oriented courses are geared toward Content Marketing, PPC, SMO, and SEO. These courses provide curated content for experts to sharpen their skills in those areas over a broad marketing education.


On the contrary, university degrees have a long-time scheduled course and unassured return on investment as most of these courses do not come with a placement structure.


  1. Saves time-

     If you enroll in a weekday digital marketing course, you can collect your certificate in about 3 to 4 months based on the skills and knowledge of the trainers. 


If you enroll for a weekend digital marketing course, the training will be completed within six months, which is the maximum duration for a digital marketing course.


If you compare this to attaining a college degree, digital marketing certification will help you save time. A digital marketing certification will take between one to six months to earn, based on how many skills you have.


A degree in digital marketing from a university, on the contrary, can take nearly four years or more. If you are looking to expand your education with a professional degree, you are looking at more time. 


It is uncertain whether all these years in school are essential while pursuing a career in digital marketing, as a certification course can provide you with all the necessary skills to achieve success.


  1. Saves your money-

     Digital Marketing certifications do not cost as much as university degrees for various reasons. The certification courses are of less duration, so naturally, any operational expenses around the faculty are lesser.


Also, the most popular digital marketing courses in Bangalore offered by Streamlyn is the right one to build a successful career. 


Also, students do not have to think about living and transportation expenses when getting to class. On the contrary, earning a university degree often needs on-campus visits, adding to the total education cost.


  1. Developing a particular skill-

     Most digital marketing certification courses develop a specific skill set, like SEO, PPC, web analytics, content marketing, and social media marketing. 


Each of these skills map to job roles that are in great demand. However, a university degree in digital marketing or marketing will offer more theoretical knowledge about marketing principles.


Though helpful to know, such theoretical idea frequently does not help in practical on-the-job situations. For instance, it is excellent to understand the principles of targeting and segmentation. 


However, if you haven’t learned specific digital marketing skills, like how to set up and maintain a Google Ads campaign, then the theoretical knowledge will not be helpful. 


It is the point where the practical knowledge from an expert certification in SEM and PPC comes in handy.


Benefits of Earning a Qualification or Certification


The value of qualification to start or advance your digital marketing career is immense. One of the most appealing aspects of attaining a certification or qualification is that you don’t need prior educational experience or upgrade any courses to start.


Some of the specific benefits of getting a certification or qualification include:


  • Stay on top of recent developments-

     Certifications help you to keep on top of recent developments in the industry as they appear. 


With different innovations in technology continuously evolving, continuing upskilling in digital marketing will help you stay on top of these advances.


  • Make yourself more employable-

     A new trend is emerging among college graduates; many of them are underemployed. 


The Washington Post resulted in 40% of graduates continuing those jobs that do not need a degree.


The result is that colleges started giving certifications before graduation to ensure students have all the necessary skills that employers are looking for. 


So, if you want to find a digital marketing job, having a certification in this field shows potential employers that you have the practical knowledge you require to succeed in a role.


  • Be ready for promotional opportunities-

     Digital marketing includes a varied cross-section of soft and hard skills. Adding one or two specialties to your niche can help you advance instantly in a company. For instance, a content writer who masters SEO and PPC can become a successful content manager or marketer.


  • Demand a high wage-

     Your earning potential as a digital marketer is high. It is one of the top-earning jobs that do not need a degree. Every certification you include on your resume supports your ability to demand a high salary and gives you the required trust to know that you deserve it.   


  • Set yourself away from your peers-

     When it comes to promotions and job interviews, the number of certifications will set you apart from your competitors. It is not just that you have skills and credentials that come with them, but it shows a drive for self-improvement that speaks high about your character.


  • Merge education with practical knowledge-

     The reality is that you may believe that formal education plays an important role. A digital marketing certification is where valuable knowledge and education interconnect. It meets post-secondary education requirements that mainly focus on teaching the things you will need to know in the actual world.


  • Be your boss-

     With a recognized qualification in digital marketing (mainly at the master’s level), you must have the know-how and experience to set up your own business. Being your boss will allow you to become a freelance digital marketer and travel in any part of the world.

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