What are the Best Ways to Learn about Blockchain for a Newbie

The world of blockchain could be quite confusing and complex for many people. However, the career opportunities in the field of blockchain have been encouraging many new professionals to pursue blockchain careers. At the same time, the growing base of candidates interested in blockchain careers doesn’t have any idea about learning blockchain. 

You can try to learn about blockchain from whitepapers, articles and blogs to improve your knowledge of blockchain technology. On the other hand, beginners may come across doubts regarding the selection of courses. The following discussion helps you find some valuable resources for learning blockchain as a beginner.

Best Blockchain Courses for Beginners

The obvious answer for any beginner who wants to learn blockchain would point at training courses. However, you must learn blockchain courses and details before registering for one. Every training course on blockchain technology is not the ideal way for a beginner to start learning about blockchain. For example, a course on NFT basics can be overwhelming for a beginner who does not have any knowledge of smart contracts. 

101 Blockchains gives you an interesting collection of blockchain courses to build your knowledge of blockchain from scratch. Apart from the free blockchain fundamentals course, you can also explore many other courses for beginners on 101 Blockchains. Here are the important courses which can help any newbie learn blockchain technology.

  • Getting Started with Bitcoin Technology

Begin your journey of learning about blockchain with one of the best blockchain courses on Bitcoin fundamentals. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and the first practical application of blockchain technology. Therefore, beginners could gain considerable insights into blockchain by learning about Bitcoin. The Getting Started with Bitcoin Technology course deals with an in-depth explanation of the working of Bitcoin. You can learn about the underlying blockchain and how it works alongside other important concepts like consensus and mining.

  • Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

Another interesting resource among online blockchain courses for a newbie would refer to the Cryptocurrency Fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains. The Cryptocurrency Fundamentals course can help you develop an in-depth understanding of one of the initial uses of blockchain technology. Most important of all, it can help you refine your understanding of the impact of cryptocurrencies on traditional finance. At the same time, the course can also help students familiarize with the common risks evident in cryptocurrencies.

  • The Complete Ethereum Technology Course

The Ethereum blockchain is another significant topic every beginner should learn to develop mastery over blockchain technologies. You can rely on The Complete Ethereum Technology course for developing a comprehensive understanding of how Ethereum works. The comprehensive course is an ideal choice to learn about blockchain programmability and the implementation of Solidity for creating smart contracts. At the same time, you could also uncover significant insights on tokens, transactions, mining and DAOs with the Ethereum technology course. 

  • How to Build Your Career in Enterprise Blockchains?

The collection of blockchain courses on 101 Blockchains for beginners includes “How to Build Your Career in Enterprise Blockchains.” It can help you learn about the possible career opportunities for learners in the field of blockchain. The course can also help beginners develop the skills required for communicating and engaging with clients. At the same time, learners can also identify the necessary skills for achieving personal success.

Final Words

The details of different online blockchain courses for helping a newbie learn blockchain can serve as promising guidance for many beginners. However, it is important to know that the process of learning about blockchain technology is a continuous one, and you have to cover many milestones. As a beginner, you can take small steps and understand the basics of blockchain and its popular applications, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Go through the list of courses on 101 Blockchains and check out the ideal choice which can help your career.               

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