Most Magical and Mystical of All Birthstones

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Many people have their own “favorite” birthstone, and for good reason. It is a great way to express your personality, interests, or milestones in life. But what about some of the less popular birthstones? Do they get a fair shake when it comes to appreciation? For example, moonstone jewelry. Moonstones are often overlooked as “backup” gems when people don’t find anything they like in their favorite birthstone list. However, moonstones need more love than they currently get! There are so many reasons why moonstone jewelry deserves a coveted place on top of your wish list this month.

The Rainbow Moonstone

The rainbow moonstone is a magical birthstone for the month of September. The rainbow moonstone is also known as the “moonstone” or “rainbow quartz.” It has been in use since ancient times, and astrologers believe that it brings good fortune and protects against evil spirits.

The rainbow moonstone was first found in Sri Lanka, but can be found in other locations around the world today. It is usually found in shades of blue, green, yellow or white. This colorful stone is often cut into cabochons or other shapes with smooth surfaces to enhance its unique beauty.

The rainbow moonstone has been used for centuries as an amulet against evil spirits and disease. It is also thought to bring prosperity and success to those who wear it, especially when combined with other stones like turquoise or tiger eye. This stone is also said to help you tap into your intuition so that you can make better decisions in life.

There are many types of moonstones, each with their own unique history and properties.

The most common is the blue diamond moonstone, which is a type of feldspar, a mineral that’s found in many places around the world. It’s named after its translucent light-blue color, which can range from pale to deep. Its name comes from a combination of “diamond” and “moon,” because it looks like a diamond when it reflects the light.

Other Types Of Moonstones

There are other types of moonstones too, such as:

Blue lace agate – A type of chalcedony that has been dyed blue. The color may fade as time goes on or if exposed to sunlight or water over long periods of time (which also makes it less valuable). It’s named after its appearance when polished; it looks like lace or netting when you look through it toward a light source (in this case, the sun). It’s also known as “blue lace agate” or simply “lace agate.”

Blue oolitic jasper – An oolitic jasper that has been dyed blue; like blue lace agate, it can fade over time if exposed to sunlight or water for long periods of time

How to Care For Your Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstones are a type of gemstone that is actually a variety of feldspar, which is a mineral group. It’s usually found in the pegmatite deposits in Brazil, India and Sri Lanka.

Moonstone jewelry has been prized for thousands of years. The Romans believed that moonstones had magical powers and that they would keep people safe from evil spirits. Ancient Egyptians also believed that moonstones were magical stones; they used them as talismans for protection against evil spirits and for good luck. In fact, the word “lunar” comes from the Latin word “luna,” which means moon. The name moonstone was given to this stone because it sparkles like the reflection of the moon on water.

If you have a piece of moonstone jewelry and want to know how to care for it properly, here are some tips:

Do Not Clean With Bleach Or Abrasive Materials – You should never clean your moonstone jewelry with bleach or any abrasive materials because they will scratch your fine jewelry. Instead, use mild soap and warm water to clean your stone jewelry gently so that it won’t be damaged by harsh chemicals like bleach or detergents

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity and keep your moonstone jewelry in the best possible condition.

Moonstone is a beautiful gem that symbolizes love, peace and harmony. It is often used in jewelry, because it is soft and easy to work with.

Moonstones have been around since ancient times, but they were very rare until the 19th century. This was when the first commercially mined moonstone was found in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).

Moonstone is one of the most magical and mystical birthstones. It can help you achieve balance in your life by making you more aware of yourself. It also helps you let go of negative emotions and gives you strength to face any challenge head-on.

In addition to being a powerful stone for protection and healing, moonstone also has many other uses. For example, it can help you understand yourself better by helping you realize what your true path in life should be like. And if you’re feeling down on yourself or depressed about something, moonstone will help pick up your spirits by lifting your mood up so that you can get back on track again quickly.