The bold interior that inspires!

Brilliantly crafting office interiors across the globe…

INC Solutions has evolved as a leading interior designing company securing a niche in the domain of office interior design. With over 12 years of experience, INC has built its reputation by executing a project that exceeds the client’s expectations.
They have a diverse and seasoned team. They work methodically to complete projects quickly and within the set budget and timeline. INC Solutions effectively manage projects on-site and at the design, approval, and delivery stages.

The skilled workforce of INC views the scope of the project as the pivotal aspect of executing a project. The INC team, with their top-tier designers, project managers, and construction and delivery experts, offer highly creative designs. They focus on the well-being of employees and foster a motivating workspace. They walk the clients through every project phase from ideation to delivery. INC has built a positive rapport to construct a strategic workspace with minimum disruptions. The idea of structure, transparency, and confidence functions as the backbone of INC Group.

They effectively merge individual commitment, expertise, teamwork, and integrity. INC group seeks to bring a brand-new look and a luxurious transition to workspaces that promote a positive work ambiance. INC excels at taking a unique approach to delivering its services. It include office design, interior fit-outs, furniture supply, and IT services.

Office Design

INC is a premium interior design company. It has potential to change any mediocre workspace into an efficient one. They craft world-class interior design for several local and international brands using the latest technology. The INC team of professionals guides clients through a range of possibilities. The team assists them in making the right choice.

To construct a workspace that aligns with the client’s needs, the office interior designing process subjects itself to three phases; discovery, design, and delivery. The design phase comes after the initial phase, wherein the team’s diverse skills and aesthetics are applied to develop a solution that covers every element of office interior design, including lighting, layouts, materials to be used, and much more. The implementation of the approved design concept marks the delivery phase.

They specialize in drafting a feasible plan to constructing the workspace. The INC team ensures to meticulously deliver a client-centric solution within the timeframe. They make sure to avoid obstacles and attend to the client’s approval at every stage. They focus on space planning, test-fits, concept design, 3D Visualization, etc.

Interior Fit Out

The prospect of bringing the perfect workspace to reality with the best fit-out specialists and project managers makes INC one of the finest interior design companies. The INC construction team delivers projects with unwavering commitment, rigorous planning, and credible collaborators to yield the outcome within the time and budget constraints. Over the years, the team has garnered an exceptional reputation for being diverse and dedicated to turning a concept into a high-end commercial design.

The interior fit-out process primarily contain three steps; detailed drawings, project management, and handover. In the initial step, the designers focus to get the client requirements on point. Followed by the design approval is project management. Their primary focus is to make sure everything proceeds in accordance with the authorized design. The project managers take care of the handover, the final step, with utmost attention. They ensure the place is all ready to move on.

Furniture Supply

INC stands out in procuring top-notch furniture and fixtures from extensively vetted international suppliers in adhering to the client’s design and budget, allowing the delivery of customized and flexible solutions. The team is quite adept in handling and counseling almost any aspect of procurement, including budget planning, storage surveys, furniture trials, guidance on fabrics and finishes, and coordinating delivery and installation.

The services offered include site survey & space planning, furniture Inventory & storage survey, move management & office relocation, sustainable furniture disposal & recycling, repairs & replacements, warehousing, and archive storage.

IT Solutions

In providing first-grade interior design solutions to corporate workspaces, INC retains a technological edge in the dynamic tech landscape. The proficient team execute the designs within the budget by deploying the newest technology. The planning phase of a fit-out project runs hand in hand with the IT project. The technical aspects, including planning, implementing, and designing Av, voice, and data infrastructure, intends to integrate the project teams and avoid any errors.

Integrating technology and interior design services, the INC group is on its remarkable endeavor to create smarter and more efficient workspaces that nurture employee productivity and a highly motivating and positive work environment. To exemplify brands, enhance their business cultures, and boost productivity, the team works together fluidly to design, develop, and reproduce environments using advanced technology

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