Important Tips For Enactment Optimisation Of Laravel Developers

The statistics on usage posted on various websites indicate that web developers generally prefer Laravel over different PHP frameworks. The rich syntax of Laravel makes it easy for developers to create custom web applications in a short time.

The framework also speeds up the development of custom web applications by reducing the most common tasks of web development.  Such as routing, session management as well as authentication as well as file system management and unit tests.

Laravel has also been constantly evolving to keep up with evolving trends in web development. For example, Laravel 5 comes with a new directory structure that simplifies method injection and route caching and also supports several files systems in native.

However, the built-in features create Laravel slower than the similar PHP frameworks. Some developers opt for Lumen which is the lighter version of Laravel for making websites operate faster. The more intelligent senior Laravel developer also optimises the performance of web-based applications by using a variety of best practices and suggestions.

7 Hacks To Enhance The Performance And Speed Of Laravel Applications

1) Change Between Lazy Loading To Eager Loading

The Eloquent object-relational mapper (ORM) helps Laravel programmers to collaborate with more than one database and perform create updates, retrieve, and erase (CRUD) operations, and connect object models to database tables.

However, when you Full stack Laravel developer that executes database operations using the lazy loading approach. It doesn’t retrieve the data until they aren’t specifically referenced in the program code.

The lazy loading method can affect the site adversely through the execution of additional queries. The Laravel developers are able to improve the speed of their website by switching from lazy loading and eager loading.

The approach to eager loading will retrieve data and related models of objects when the query is executed initially. Thus, the web application will be able to deliver information to the user faster, without having to run more queries.

2) The Compress Response Information

In developing API-based frameworks developers increase the speed of loading websites by compressing the response data. The Laravel developers are able to accelerate the speed of web applications by compressing the response data.

They can make use of Eloquent ORM to get the information to display to the end user with one request. However, the extra data could slow down the speed of websites and will increase the bandwidth consumed.

Programmers can accelerate Laravel’s performance by speeding up Laravel programs by compressing obtained data using view models. The view models create different subsets of the data models, and will then transmit information to be displayed to the user.

Certified Laravel developer also allows developers to compress responses and convert model data with the help of robust libraries such as Fractal. The programmers can make use of Fractal to create an interface and transform a layer to the data that is retrieved.

3) Use A Jit Compiler For Laravel

Most web developers employ PHP compilers to translate PHP scripts into machine code. Machine native code can run effortlessly on a PC without the need for the use of a PHP interpreter.

The most skilled web developers utilise Just-in-Time (JIT) compilers that speed up their web application by compiling PHP scripts one time. A lot of programmers also create PHP code with other third party JIT compilers, instead of Zend Engine.

The Laravel developers are able to accelerate web applications by using an open-source virtual machine such as HHVM. HHVM utilises the JIT compiler that executes scripts written in PHP quickly. And substantially boosts the performance of web applications.

It is true that HHVM has been gaining support for major aspects of PHP 7. Developers can utilise HHVM to accelerate your Laravel application without having to put in additional effort or time.

4) Run Artisan Optimization Commands

Laravel 5 allows programmers to increase the speed and efficiency of applications through using a set of commands.

The programmers can easily accelerate Laravel’s performance by speeding up Laravel software by using commands to optimise the storage paths, combining common classes into one file, and combining all configurations into one file making the route cache file and creating view files.

The optimization commands also assist developers to complete a variety of web development tasks that are routine.

5) Make Website Assets Precompile

In a development environment programmers can make maintenance easier for websites by storing the assets of their website in various files. The extra files can impact the speed of loading on websites in a negative way.

The Laravel developers are able to accelerate the speed of their website using keeping assets in smaller amounts of files.  When deploying the application. Laravel allows developers to create website assets with ease using the command line tools of the artisan.

The programmers can execute specific artisan commands to combine commonly used classes into a single file, and also combine routes and configuration files into one file.

The combination of the two can help developers improve the speed of loading on websites. But, the efficacy of this technique can differ from one website to the next.

6) Find Ways To Implement Caching

The Laravel developers are able to improve the speed of the web application by caching routes and configurations. They can also run artifice commands to cache the configuration and then refresh the configuration every time modifications occur.

Additionally, hubspot technical consulting can execute an artisan command that moves routes to the controller of the application.  And then cache the routes and then refresh the caches of routes. In addition developers could also look into using a robust program such as Redis to serve as a cache and session driver.

7) Eliminate Unnecessary Plugins And Unused Services

In Laravel programmers utilise plugins to bring additional functionality in the application’s web interface without having to write additional code. The pug-ins can make the application load more libraries and files.

Developers can easily enhance Laravel’s performance by enhancing Laravel software’s functionality by eliminating the plug-ins that aren’t needed and trimming the plug-ins that are required.

Laravel 5.5 What’s New?

Despite being an open-source PHP framework Laravel is evolving continuously to keep pace with the latest trends in web-based development of applications. The most recent long-term support (LTS) version of Laravel was officially released in August.

Laravel 5.5 lets developers accelerate the development of web-based applications using PHP 7. Additionally when you hire laravel programmer it offers improvements, new functions and bug fixes to make the development of custom web applications.

Overview Of The New Features And Changes In Laravel 5.5

Automatic Package Discovery

If you are working with an earlier version of Laravel developers must take extra time adding service suppliers into the configuration file of the app and then register the facades that are relevant. However, Laravel 5.5 is able to identify facades and service providers automatically.

Automatic Registration Of Commands On Consoles

Previous versions of Laravel required the programmer to add custom commands by hand to the console via the $commands property. Laravel 5.5 lets developers create custom commands faster using the new load method directly from your kernel’s command.

Validation Rule Objects

Hubspot consultant freelance add custom validation rules to their web application with greater efficiency with the help of rules for validation. Developers can make new validation rules within the app/Rules directory just by using an additional Artisan Command..


In the end the tools and features that are offered by Laravel make it simpler for developers. To create web-based applications to meet the diverse business requirements.

However, they must look at ways to improve the speed of the Laravel application in order to avoid user abandonment and boost the site’s indexing on search engines.

The technical consulting hubspot are able to easily improve the speed and performance of the website application with the help of a few simple techniques as well as best practice.

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