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How To Thoroughly Clean Your AC From Inside

The air conditioning unit plays a very important role in making your home an oasis where you can take a rest and relax. With time, you will notice that your air conditioning unit is working harder to maintain a similar level of cooling. Ultimately, the efficiency of your air conditioning Sydney becomes less effective.

Cleaning your air conditioning is a very important part of AC maintenance. Regular cleaning will keep your system healthy for longer. It will save you from various big-ticket repairs and reduce energy bills as well. Also, regular cleaning of AC will help in ensuring better performance. You can choose to DIY or take help of professionals such as air conditioning Sydney contractors. Here, we will discuss the steps involved in the thorough cleaning of AC from the inside.

Clean AC From Inside 

Turn Off The Power

There are so many moving parts inside the AC, and that’s why safety is the highest priority. You should turn off the power supply to the AC. If your air conditioning unit is installed in a dark place such as the attic, then adequate lighting is important. Therefore, you should carry some torches and prefer to do this during the daytime.  

Open AC Units

The blower unit has a door to the evaporator coil. Based on the design of your AC unit, you may have to remove the duct tape. Some bolts will keep the door in place. You have to open this door to clean the AC unit from the inside.

Clean Evaporator Coils

Take one soft brush and use it to get rid of dust from the coil. This dust will form due to the particles inside your home such as pollens, skin cells, dirt, microbes, etc. We recommend you wear a mask while cleaning the evaporator coil of your AC.

You can use a no-rinse coil cleaner to properly and efficiently clean the evaporator coil. This type of cleaner is easily available at the local store. It is a kind of spray that foams up and collects dust and dirt into it. You should spray the foam evenly and get it in the various small areas that are impossible to reach by hand. The best time to do this is a warm day so that you can turn on your unit after a few minutes. The coils will rinse off with the AC condensation.

Clean AC Drain Pan

Once the coil cleaner has done its part, then the next step is to clean out the drain pan. You can start with soap and hot water to clean the AC drain. After that, use bleach for sanitizing. It is recommended to use a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water. Once you have created this solution, then pour it down the drain to ensure that the drain is clear. If you want to keep your drain clean for long and stop the growth of algae, then you can purchase the AC drain pan tablets.  

Unplug AC Drain

You can skip this step if your bleach solution easily passes from the drain. In case, it is sluggish, then it indicates that your drain is plugged. If you fail to do regular cleaning and maintenance, then algae and mold start to build up. They will create blockage in the pipe.

Usually, the drain ends outside around the condenser unit. In some cases, the drain ends in the utility sink or basement floor. If you have installed the AC unit in the attic, then it may clear down near the exterior wall. You should follow the drain and find out where it ends. Also, carry a vacuum cleaner with you. If you are concerned about soiling the filter, then remove the filter from the vacuum cleaner.  

You should hold the vacuum cleaner near the end of the drain tube. To prevent air leakage, you should cover the gap with a towel. Now, switch on the vacuum cleaner and it will help you to clean the drain.

Close AC Access Panel

Finally, you should close the AC panel. You have to use the same screws that you tool at the beginning of the cleaning process. In case, you have ducted AC metal foil tape, then seal the panel with this tape. You should not cover the panel of the manufacturer’s label because the technician uses it during the time of repair.

Final Words

These are certain steps that you need to follow while cleaning your AC. But you may face some challenges during the cleaning that you can’t handle on your own. If your AC has an A-frame evaporator coil, then you will not be able to access all the parts. We recommend you to take the help of professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney professionals to thoroughly clean your AC. They will not just help in cleaning, but also help to find the potential problems in the AC.


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