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How to make a coin purse out of fabric

To make a coin purse in your own hands, it is better to use dense matter and additionally strengthen its density due to a special lining. So, a small coin purse of even a large shape will keep its shape perfectly, otherwise, it will turn out to be an unpresentable model. It is recommended to study other tips to get a beautiful leather coin purse.

Fabric Wallet Tips

For those who decide to create a product with their own hands, you should carefully consider the choice of fabric. Here you should not use old and damaged fabrics, it is better to choose suitable options in the store. There are also special selections, they are sold specifically for patchwork sewing and already have a special combination.

You can also buy very expensive and luxurious materials for your wallet since there is always a huge discount on small pieces of material (leftovers). And you should worry about decoration in advance, it can be an emblem or an attractive brooch. Perhaps someone has their own talent for decorating with beads or beads. Embroidery is not out of place in the decoration.

What you need for a fabric wallet.

The whole selection begins with the fabric itself. It is necessary to choose the most important thing – this is the fabric for the front side. But it may not be just one fabric. It can be a combination of several materials, which is quite fashionable. For example, creating a geometric pattern. The patchwork sewing technique looks very nice but is more suitable for models with floral prints. As for the texture of the fabric, it is better to pay attention to the denser ones – these are thick cotton and linen. The fabric for the coat and something else plump and unusual looks very nice.

Some do-it-yourself wallet models have a convex shape and you simply cannot do without a synthetic winterizer for them. This white lining is laid between the wrong side and the front. For other models, you should pay attention to special dense fabrics to shape the product.

How to sew a fabric wallet with your own hands.

Lovely and quite unusual wallet. This is what every master wants to do when creating new models. Since this is precisely the role of a do-it-yourself wallet – to make a beautiful and unusual product that will be unique, and will not merge with products from the counter.

The work will require:

  • for the front side with a butterfly print;
  • for the front side “technical”;
  • button (on a magnet) for fastening;
  • emblem;
  • carbine.

Stages of work:

  • Pattern. For the pattern, you will first need to draw a long rectangle. The width of the rectangle is 30 cm and the length is 53. It is more convenient to cut out two such rectangles from denser matter – this is a “technical” model. Next, cut out rectangles from the printed version, as shown in the pattern. For pockets inside the wallet, cut out two small rectangles with sides 30 * 20 from dense matter.
  • Stitching. Fold two large rectangles wrong sides to each other and sew (having previously folded the edges of each rectangle inward). Sew along the edge of the fabric completely.
  • Pockets. For pockets, you will need two cut-out rectangles with sides 30 * 20. They must be folded and stitched along the short sides, also having previously folded the sides. Next, sew them on by attaching them to the fold line of the wallet, that is, to its bottom. Sew also on the sides and make a seam exactly in the middle of each pocket. You will get small compartments for credit cards and discount coupons.
  • Side seams. Roll up the wallet and stitch the sides.
  • Clasp. This model has a magnetic closure. Very comfortable to use and use.
  • Decoration. A small emblem was used for decoration, sew it in the lower left corner of the wallet. For a carabiner, make small strips of dense fabric, sew one to the wallet, and simply thread the other onto the carabiner after stitching. This is a very handy wallet accessory.

This wallet with your own hands is ready and you can put the first money there. If this is a gift, then it is also worth putting a symbolic amount in order for the one who receives it to have monetary luck.


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