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Complete Claim Procedure for Top Health Insurance Providers

Health Insurance
Wooden cubes stacking of healthcare medicine and hospital icon on table.Health care insurance business and investment.

One must do adequate research to pick out the best health insurance plans in India. The top feature you must check with your insurance provider is the range of policies they offer, the cost-effectiveness of premium and the easy claim settlement process. You can invest in the best-selling Aditya Birla and Bajaj Finance health insurance who offers extensive plans that are highly beneficial. The claim filing and settlement process of these insurance providers are easy and very hassle-free. 

You can also contact the Aditya Birla health insurance customer care number for further assistance. To help you further here is a complete claim procedure for top health insurance providers in India. 

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Steps to Claim Your Reimbursement Loop health insurance

Loop is one of the best group health insurance providers in India.

Step 1 – Make sure everything is in order and double-check the information before paying the bill.

Step 2 – To file a reimbursement claim, you need a handful of documents such as:

  • Signed and filled claim form
  • Copy of the policy
  • Insurance card
  • Original bills and medical receipts
  • Hospital discharge card
  • Doctor’s prescription
  • If the medical insurance claim amount is above Rs. 1 lakh, then a CKYC Form
  • Reports like X-rays, etc.
  • Medical certificate by a doctor
  • Obtain a copy of the FIR / MLC before being discharged from the hospital in the event of an accident.
  • Your contact info and bank account details

Step 3 – Once you have all the documents you need to give them to the insurer.

Step 4 – TPA will verify the documents. This may take about 2 to 3 weeks. If the insurer approves, they will send the money to your account. If the insurer rejects the claim, you will get a notification on your registered mobile number or email ID.    

Steps to Claim Your Aditya Birla health insurance 

  • Pre-Inform: If you intend to be admitted to the hospital, notify your insurance company before you do so; if it is an emergency hospitalization, you have 24 hours to notify them.
  • Documents: During the claim submission process, provide the insurer with hospital documents; before leaving the hospital, collect receipts, prescriptions, discharge papers, and copies of reports.
  • Follow Procedures: When filling out the claim form on the insurer’s website, be sure that you follow the procedures and that the hospital and doctors fill out the required sections.
  • Insurance Papers: In order to avoid unnecessary delays, be sure that the insurance papers have your bank details updated correctly.
  • Submission: When you are released from the hospital, submit the form along with the required documents as soon as possible.
  • Additional Requirement: You may have to wait up to 45 days for the claim to be processed. Your insurance provider may ask you for additional documentation during this time.
  • Additional Procedure details: You can get additional details by calling Aditya Birla health insurance customer care number.

Requirements for Initiating Aditya Birla health insurance Claim

Aditya Birla provides one of the best health insurance in India. While filing a medical insurance policy claim, you must meet certain requirements. Listed below are the mandatory requirements:

  1. Policy number
  2. Health insurance card
  3. Personal information of the policyholder
  4. Address and contact information of the policyholder
  5. The reason for the required medical care
  6. Personal information of the doctor or the medical care provider, including his or her address and phone number
  7. Information regarding the hospital where the policyholder has been admit
  8. Date of admission

You can get all the require details by calling Aditya Birla health insurance customer care number. 

Steps to Claim Your Reimbursement Policybazaar health insurance

Policy Bazaar is one of the best health insurances in India. The general procedure to avail reimbursement claims for your Reimbursement Policy Bazaar health insurance is:

  1. Get in touch with the insurance help desk at the hospital.
  2. For identification purposes, show the ID card provide by the health insurance provider.
  3. A pre-authorization form will be submit to the insured’s medical insurance provider after the hospital verifies the identity of the insure.
  4. All documents are review by the insurance provider and the claim is process according to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.
  5. Some health insurance providers assign a field doctor to make the hospitalization process more convenient for their members.
  6. As soon as all formalities have been complete, the claim is settle in accordance with the policy’s terms and conditions.

Steps to claim your Bajaj Finserv health insurance 

Bajaj Finserv is one of the best health insurances in India that you can definitely opt for. Here is a complete claim process. 

  1. All you need to do is to fill up your claim form and get it sign by your insurance provider. 
  2. Then you need to submit all your medical documents, summary reports and hospital admission slip, etc. 
  3. Include all your hospital bills, lab test reports and original reports along with the first consultation form from the doctor. 
  4. You can also contact the Bajaj health insurance customer care number for more assistance. 

Steps to Claim Your Reimbursement Acko health insurance

Acko is one of the best health insurances in India. Here is the process for reimbursement of the hospitalization bills.

  1. You should inform your insurer (in this case, ACKO) about the medical treatment and hospital details.
  2. You can choose any hospital you like to receive treatment.
  3. Settle all the hospital bills.
  4. Ensure you obtain the original hospitalization documents such as discharge summary, diagnostic and laboratory reports, prescriptions, payment receipts, etc.
  5. You can get the insurance claim form from the Acko website and fill in all the required details. Ensure that all the documents are attest by the hospital with the seal and signature.
  6. Apply for the reimbursement claim online or by writing to Acko.
  7. Submit all the hospitalization-related documents along with the health insurance claim form.
  8. ACKO will settle your claim in accordance with the terms and conditions of your policy if your claim is approve. If your claim is not approve, ACKO will inform you of the reason for the denial.


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