How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Location-Based Augmented Reality Application

Augmented Reality Application

Developing a location-based augmented reality app can be a good investment for your business as it is an emerging technology that delivers a unique user experience, gives your business a competitive advantage, real-time analytics, etc.

According to Statista, the number of AR users is rapidly increasing, and by 2024 we can expect a growth of 1.73 billion. These numbers are enough to prove how promising this industry is going to be. Business leaders might be interested in developing a location-based augmented reality app but are confused about the mobile app development cost.

This blog explains some factors that will help determine an AR app’s cost.

Factors Determining The Cost Of Developing An Location-Based AR App

1) Scope Of Work

Planning to develop an app depends upon the app’s complexity, project requirements, deadline, and the resource you choose. Developing an app may cost you between $10,000-$8,00,000. AR app types can be classified into three categories:

a) Simple AR Apps:

If you plan to develop a simple AR app, it may cost you between $10,000-$50,000. These apps are simple and are developed for performing the basic task of any business.

b) Medium-Sized AR Apps:

When planning to develop a mid-level AR app, the cost is between $50,000-$2,00,000. These apps are upgraded versions of the basic apps. These apps are developed using modern techniques, and various features and functionality are integrated into the app.

c) Complex AR Apps

Developing a complex app for your business may cost you between $2,50,000-$8,00,000.

2) Timeline

When you approach any mobile app development firm for your mobile app development, deadline plays an important role.

Before approaching any mobile app development company, you must discuss the project deadline with them. Ask them to provide a timely update on the work they are doing. The development cost may vary between $50,000-$2,00,000 or even more based on how quickly you want your app to develop.

3) Development Team

When you talk about the development team, your development cost will depend on the developer’s experience and the technologies they are using to develop the app.

The development cost will be comparatively high if you hire developers with years of experience who leverage modern technologies. However, the investment will be worth it.

Thus, choosing the best resource for your Augmented Reality app development becomes your choice.

Depending upon the developers and their expertise, it will cost you between $50,000-$2,00,000 or even more.

4) Geo Location

Hiring a developer from different geolocation may cost you different. Hiring a developer from North America will cost you between $60-$275. If you are hiring a developer from Australia, it will cost you between $60-$150.

Hiring a UK developer will cost you between $35-$170. South American developers will charge you between $45-$150. These are the hourly price of different locations, and these costs may vary depending on the development process of the mobile app.

How To Calculate AR App Development Cost?

There is a specific formula to calculate the AR App Development Cost.

Time Required To Develop The AR App * Developer’s Hourly Charge = Total AR App Development Cost.

Let us understand this formula:

i) Time Required to Develop an AR App: In this section, you need to add the total time that is required to develop an app. Suppose that it will take 200 hours to develop an app.

ii) Developer’s Hourly Charge: You need to add the hourly cost that is being charged by the developers. Suppose the developer is charging $100/hour.

Thus, the development cost of your app is = 200×100   = $20,000

Wrapping Up

With massive technological changes, businesses must adopt and implement these changes for better business growth. If you are a business leader and want to develop a location-based augmented reality mobile app, the development cost will range between $10,000-$3,00,000 or even more. The abovementioned factors will help you know the estimated app development cost.

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