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How Can Azoospermia Be Proven?

azoospermia-treatment-in Pakistan

The most apparent sign of azoospermia is not being able to have children. In the past, some people have had prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, and tuberculosis of the epididymis. In addition, some patients had symptoms in their local area, like testicular dysplasia, testicular atrophy, epididymal nodules, and other symptoms in their whole body.

Azoospermia is usually caused by something that stops sperm from moving, like a missing vas deferens at birth, a damaged vas deferens, a vas deferens ligation, epididymitis from gonorrhea, epididymal prostate tuberculosis with caseous necrosis, a blocked ejaculatory duct, etc. The testis is soft and stiff, but the volume of people with obstructive disease is primarily average, complete, and elastic.

Azoospermia can also be caused by problems with spermatogenesis, like epididymis, cryptorchidism, and underdeveloped testicles present at birth. Testicular trauma, vas deferens trauma, testicular torsion, mumps, and orchitis can all lead to testicular atrophy—irradiation with X-rays. Hypogonadism and hypophysis are two examples of endocrine disorders. Vitamin A, C, E, and B complexes are not enough.

What does azoospermia look like?

Azoospermia treatment Lahore should be treated right away. Azoospermia is mostly about fixing the way for sperm to get out, so that sperm can get out on their own and the problem is fix. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill from Genova can help treat azoospermia caused by seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, and prostatitis. It can treat these conditions and get rid of their symptoms. When these diseases are cure, sperm will no longer be a problem. People who don’t have any sperm can also have their infertility greatly improved.

Problems with the sperm most often cause male infertility. Many different things can go wrong with sperm. Azoospermia is one of the reasons why abnormal sperm can make it hard to have children.


  1. Changes in the semen volume

It shows how well the testis makes testosterone and its extra gonads work. Congenital dysplasia or dysfunction of the seminal vesicle and prostate can cause a decrease in the amount of sperm. This is also a cause of hyperprolactinemia, excessive gonadotropin secretion, and, to some extent, hypogonadism.

2. No sperm secretion

But because men don’t make sperm until they are sexually mature and have been sexually active, many of their male friends find out they have azoospermia after they get married. Another thing that happens when a man has azoospermia is that he can’t have children. So, we can think about azoospermia in people who can’t have children after they intercorse.

3. Changing the pH level

If there are no seminal vesicles, epididymal lesions, or blockages in the vas deferens, the PH value of the sperm will fall; If it is acute epididymitis, prostatitis, or seminal vesiculitis, the study found that the presence of elastase in the seminal plasma indicates an infection; Doppler examinations of patients with semen pH>azoospermia did not find any abnormalities like seminal vesicles, epididymal cysts, or varicose veins. So, the semen volume and PH value of azoospermic men can show how their gonads and accessory gonads are developing and working. This is important for the cause analysis, so it should  weight heavily.


  1. Some people have no signs or symptoms

Most of the time, Azoospermia treatment Pakistan symptoms don’t show up transparently. Most people who went to a doctor after years of being unable to have children were told they had azoospermia. Because of this, the disease cannot be known before the exam. But the new research gives patients a new way to determine if they have azoospermia. This could help in finding azoospermia early on. A lab study of azoospermia found that the amount of sperm can judge the pathological changes of paragon and spermatogenesis in many men.

In modern society, one of the worst things about azoospermia is that it makes men less fertile. In normal circumstances, the male reproductive system, including sperm and semen, has a lot of antioxidants and antioxidant enzymes, which can get rid of too many free radicals and protect the normal function of male sperm. However, when the number of free radicals is higher than what the above substances can do to get rid of them, the free radicals will attack the male sperm, damaging the membrane inside the male sperm. In the worst cases, the sperm will die, making the man less fertile.


Many things we do every day can cause men not to have sperm. For example, men eat well-balanced meals only a few times a week. So if they are picky about what they eat, their bodies won’t make enough sperm, which could lead to male azoospermia.

If men still like to wear tight pants, it will not only put pressure on their reproductive organs but also stop their testicles from growing normally. This is not good for sperm growth and survival.

Let’s say you touch mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc., for a long time and are expose to electronic radiation for a long time. In that case, it will cause problems with the sperm in the body, making it impossible to have children.

So, we need to pay attention to how we live every day. If you have azoospermia, you must get check out at the hospital immediately to find out what’s wrong and what treatment will work best. Men should also avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking and pay attention to what they eat and drink daily.

Lastly, men’s health needs to take care of their bodies. They should work out regularly and give themselves enough time to sleep.

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