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How Can An Employee Grow In An Organization?


Every organization wants its employees to grow and develop and focuses on employee growth. This comes in handy when the company or employee faces adverse conditions and unforeseen situations, for example, demotivate. It is an experience that every person goes through because of internal and external factors (Eazyresearchwp, 2020). Your goal as an organization should be to curb these factors and encourage employee development.

If you are wondering how to do so then keep on reading this post

Ways an Employee Can Grow In an Organization

Providing Recognition and Rewards:

For any employee to grow in an organization it is important for them to stay motivated and happy. Work should be to a certain extent fun, if not employees’ work quality will decrease. This is possible by making a company culture that values and rewards their exceptional work and effort. For example, an employee has done a great job at outsource Ebook writing for the company, his/her efforts need to be acknowledged.

Once employees get the recognition and rewards they feel motivated, seen and this encourages loyalty. When it comes to loyalty you must know that it is one of the leading factors of employee growth. When employees feel valued and their efforts recognized their performance level increases. You will soon witness their energy levels rising. Studies have suggested employees who felt their rewards were met are seven times more likely to be engaged with their work.

Giving employees monthly or yearly is a great strategy to boost their motivation but it is even better if you give recognition to your workers spontaneously when they are least expecting it. Unplanned awards are the best awards.

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Give Real-Time Feedback:

The majority of the employees agree that managers should give feedback on their learning opportunities and mistakes in the present moment not when annual reviews are going on. Those organizations who fail to give feedback to their employees should not expect them to improve in areas they are struggling with because it will only exert more work pressure.

The employees must be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Organizations should launch such programs or procedures that assist in managing the organization and assessment of employees’ strengths and weaknesses on a daily basis. The managers should then talk about the outcomes of those assessments throughout the year, may that be on a weekly or monthly basis.

With this ongoing evaluation and communication procedure employees are given a feedback loop that helps them understand the areas where they need to be trained. It also makes them aware of developmental areas to improve their performance and ability.

Utilize LMS – Learning Management System:

Using a learning management system gives businesses an accessible solution to encourage employee growth and professional progress. As the name suggests, learning management systems are apps that help organizations make, stock, track, transport, and report educational assets. Moreover, development and training programs are also included.

LMS software proposes businesses another solution to creating, handling, and conveying training materials and courses manually. What LMS does is that it allows organizations to move their training and development into an eLearning platform rather than investing valuable time training new employees or working in person on laid-off training programs. These systems not only rationalize the employee training but also permits the business to give reliable material and sustain its quality guarantee.

Support Mentoring and Teaching:

Organizations can also internally support employees’ growth through mentoring and coaching programs which is yet again an effective way to boost employees’ growth. In the present time, employees have changed a lot. They now have low tolerance towards catering to any demands and orders. Now it is the managers that need to learn how to work in line with their employees just like any coach or mentor would.

Organisations have to give employees the platforms to voice their worries and opinions. Team leaders should not be reluctant when asking employees if they need help with anything. They should take these instances as a chance to pass on their skills, experiences ad knowledge to their workers.

All of this adds to the probability of an employee growing in an organisation.

Hold Counselling Sessions:

Counselling sessions are not important for just students, workers need them too. The company can organize counselling sessions for their employees and encourage them to take advantage of them.

As it is well known that professional life is filled with challenges and if an employee displeases the higher-ups or feels pressurised it can throw them into a spiral of negative emotions. To avoid the employees from experiencing them or at least helping them to tackle it maturely, businesses need their own counselling sessions.

Here the employees can come and discuss what struggles they are facing at work, how it makes them feel and the counselor will guide them towards coming up with a solution.

Identify and Develop Soft Skills:

Are you thinking about what soft skills are? They refer to the personal traits and non-technical characteristics of an employee which will help them make a successful career. Here is the list of some soft skills that employees should have:

  • Time management,
  • Delegation,
  • Active listening, and
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills etc.

To elaborate on it further, whether an employee is working in any transcription services or the service industry, communication is a skill that will make them successful. This is because, communication is considered to be an important tool for organisational performance and growth (Kalogiannidis and S., 2020).

Companies that provide training and educational resources for improving their employees’ soft skills will not only help the employee growth within the company but their entire team as well. Some managers these days do not even have developed soft skills. Often organisations promote their best-performing employees to management positions without even checking if they have proper management, skills, training, or experience.


Now that you know how can a worker grow in an organization, make good use of this knowledge.


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