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Desert Safari Dubai Morning Desert Safari and Its Activities

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Take an early morning desert safari in Dubai. Before you know it, our driver will be at your door. You’ll be on your way to the beautiful Dubai desert, where the only thing you’ll see is gold and sand dunes.

Once you get to the desert, you’ll be able to show off your pictures of the sun’s rays shining on the golden sand. As soon as you wake up, take a deep breath of the refreshing cold morning air that blows right through you. Then, hop on the vehicle and go dune bashing at high speed. Drive quickly through the dunes in the desert and slam hard to get sand in the air.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai Highlights

  • Enjoy the rising glory of the Arabian Desert on a desert safari to start your day off with a beautiful view.
  • Surf through the Arabian Desert on an Arabian Sand Board.
  • Take a 4X4 vehicle for a thrilling Dune Bashing ride.
  • The Quad Bike Ride over the golden sand dunes is very exciting. You can also go sandboarding in the desert (additional options)


Activity Duration: the morning desert safari tour duration is approximately 4 hours.

Pick-up Point/Drop-off Point: Pickup and drop-off facilities are available for Dubai and Sharjah hotels.

Pick-up & Drop-off Time: the morning desert safari time starts from 08:00 AM – 08:30 AM

About Morning Desert Safari in Dubai:

What better way to start the day than in Dubai’s golden desert? This is a very special tour that has been carefully planned so that people can see the original beauty of Dubai, which is found in the desert. Early in the morning, you can go on a Morning Desert Safari. This authentic experience includes the rising sun, golden sand, local food, and lots of fun and adventure!

The tour starts when we pick you up from your hotel. You leave the city behind and reach the Lehbab Desert. In the desert, you drive over soft sand dunes in the 4X4. During a 35-40-minute drive through the sand dunes, you reach the Al Khayma Campsite. There, you’ll be served Arabic coffee and local dates. During a falcon photo session, the Arabian Desert comes alive in the early morning light. Later, you get to ride camels and sandboarding in the desert, which is fun. The tour ends with a delicious Arabian breakfast spread that includes local and regional dishes to satisfy your taste buds. Then, the tour driver will drop you off at your hotel.

About the activity:

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Dune Bashing:

Driving at different speeds over sand dunes in Dubai is called “dune bashing.” As the surface of the sand keeps moving, it takes a lot of skill and a special type of car to get around. This is usually a sports utility vehicle (SUV). When you go on a road trip, you should expect to stop to let the air out of your tires. This will give your car better traction on the moving sand.

During Dune Bashing, you will drive a 4X4 through the rolling sand dunes of the desert for about 35 to 40 minutes in a fun and exciting way! This is your chance to see firsthand one of the gems of Dubai. Appreciate the beauty of Al Aweer Red Dunes in the early hours of the day. As a part of your desert safari, go dune bashing in a crossover SUV 4X4! Glide and break through the soft Arabian sands, bathing in the morning sunlight. Departure: daily. Includes: pickup and drop-off.


Sandboarding is a desert-based sport in which you slide down a desert hill on sheets that are very well-fitted to your feet, just like snowboarding. Because of Dubai’s natural geography and weather, sand-boarding can be done. A few times a week, you slide across a beach the same way you do on your day off. You can slide up to 1,000 feet above the beach. The game is safe and suitable for people of all ages to play. It would help if you tied your boots to a smooth sandboard that makes it easy to slide down the ridges. When you sandboard through the soft sand of the red dunes, you feel like you’re having a great time (at an additional cost).

Quad Biking

An off-road vehicle known as an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or quad bike is a vehicle that may be used on any terrain. Three or four low-pressure tires and a handlebar allow the driver to control the vehicle through various terrains. ‘Quad biking is a 30-45-minute sport and entertainment activity that involves driving a vehicle at varying speeds across rough terrain. You may hire a quad bike or arrange a desert safari that includes quad riding as one of the things on the itinerary to experience the sport. You can ride a quad bike in the desert and race through the golden sands (if chosen in your package). Read More 

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