Here Are a Few Gadgets and Apps a Single Parent Might Need

Here Are a Few Gadgets and Apps a Single Parent Might Need

Single parenthood can be a choice sometimes. But, mostly, it isn’t. Hence, to many, it becomes a little too problematic.

Now I am not saying that single parenthood isn’t manageable or that you suffer from it inevitably.

I am saying that it is an uncommon kind of parenthood. And it is also a comparatively new practice – of course, if it comes to the light of today’s definitions.

But, it has been very dominant since old age. We have seen parents raising their children all alone in historical references too.

We feel that single parenthood is a bit of a challenge when you look at the rising costs of living. Apart from that, today’s academic costs for a kid are pretty tricky for just a mum or a dad to bear.

Single parenthood might be a little interesting to some. But it is again a little complex to understand.

The good thing is today’s parents who live and raise youngsters alone are not defeated by the challenge. We get to hear more stories from them almost every single day in the news or social media posts, or the newspapers.

What’s better is that the technological world has come up with a solution to that.

That’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

  • Single Parents Can Use These Gadgets & Apps

A wee kid…probably a toddler…is aided by technology these days. Why can’t it help a single mum or dad?

It definitely can and will.

With that being said, I must state that some gadgets and apps are not always meant for a parent like you. But you can use them to your benefits.

This is stated because some gadgets promise a good safety option. Others provide ease of access and a much faster processing speed, which you will need because you need to take some time out of your schedule.

Why? For your kids of course!

Now that we know the importance of tech aspects, we can know what specific tech gadgets (& apps) can make our single parenthood even happier.

  • A Smart Cooker with All-in-One Functionality
  • A Wearable Health Tracker
  • A Smart Display App
  • A Pepper Spray Gun
  • AllsWell Alert
  • bSafe
  • Watch Over Me

Come on, then! Let’s read some more about these topics:

1.  A Smart Cooker with All-in-One Functionality

Probably the best gadget for any single parent is a smart cooker.

Food is that primary necessity in our lives, which can make our lives a dog’s dinner when we don’t eat it at the right time, in proper ways, and, of course, in the apt quantities keeping close attention to the nutritional values of the items chosen.

Sure, kids need more nutrients at this age because they are growing. However, it is also true that the single parent managing them requires the same sort of nutrient-rich foods to keep his or her body balanced and fit.

This is where the question of home-cooked meals comes. And when that is important, then spending money on a smart cooker makes enough sense.

You can make meals at home. You can cook them quickly. You will be over-preparing warm meals soon in the mornings and can send your kid to school/ college while heading for work.

The same scenario happens too when you come back home and is greeted by a warm meal with a few minutes of your efforts and the outcome the cooker will make for you.

In this regard, buy a cooker that gets all the jobs done. Added to that, check for IoT facilities.

You can check Pot Duo Plus for that. It has got:

  • Slow Cooker
  • Pressure Cooker
  • Rice Cooker
  • Steamer
  • Steriliser
  • Saute-pan
  • Sous vide
  • Yoghurt Maker

These facilities may also help prepare food for enjoyment or when or for your pre-travel lunch box items.

2.  A Wearable Health Tracker

You need to track your health.

And yes, the GP’s fine. However, making time out for a visit seems impossible.

I don’t mean you don’t need to go to a GP. You have to. But, it is always better if a miniature form of your GP has always been present with you.

That can happen with a fitness tracker device. You can wear it on your wrist these days.

Just like I have mentioned in the previous point, you can use this app in collaboration with your phone too.

Choose any model from Fitbit and you will know what I am trying to tell you.

First of all, it’s got a touchscreen with fantastic access to many features. You can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, step counts and more.

They aren’t that costly too. You can buy one for you and another for your kid as well if he or she has reached an age that’s eligible for using these products.

Yes, purchasing two of them at once might be a little difficult. However, there are loans for single mums or dads available from direct lenders. Go check their websites out after you finish this blog.

3.  A Smart Display App

You can go for Amazon’s Echo 8.

It is a worthy device in this category.

You can use it to make video calls to family or friends. You can also use it to watch movies on a larger screen or access the song you have been listening to on a larger interface.

This makes a great addition to the home’s tech sphere too.

4.  A Pepper Spray Gun

Although it is funny to listen to that, having a pepper spray gun can literally save you from theft or other offences at any time of the day, such as roadman attacks.

Not everybody is aware of self-defence tactics. They can still use a device to escape these situations.

And a pepper spray gun is not just a device for mums, but dads too. It might be helpful in many situations.

So, shake off that hesitation and buy one from Amazon or other stores.

5.  AllsWell Alert

This is an app that can keep you safe.

The good thing is you can use this application to help your kids too.

It is an app that you can download and install on your phone. It has a functionality that works like panic buttons, and inactivity monitoring merged into one.

You keep your phone inactive for an extended period of time. The app will treat it as something abnormal and will send emergency messages and notifications to the contact numbers you have allowed.

It will also send the receiver a map with your location in it.

6.  Watch Over Me

This one is also considered a tracking app.

Single mums or dads have to go through a lot of stress in their lives. The same can happen for the kid as well.

Now that doesn’t mean you are not alert while you are exploring an unknown area. But this information is required to be known by your family members.

Again, like the point mentioned before, you may need the same sort of service if you have a kid and you want to know where he or she is going,

Watch Over Me is an app that will alert you or your family members with messages when if the phone user hasn’t been checked in a while or has been sitting inactive for a long.

  • To Conclude: Invest in an E-Book Reader Device

Trust me, single parents need a lot of reading to do.

You can invest a little money too in buying a smart E-Book Reader Device like Amazon’s Kindle, Paperwhite or Oasis.

It would give you the necessary wisdom to go forward without buying books and making more investments to keep and maintain them.

Oh yes, they can also give you entertainment when you feel alone, and your kids are at work or are sleeping.

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