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Everything You Need To Know About neuherbs Hair Biotin

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Vitamin B is often recommended to those who suffer from hair problems like hair loss, hair fall, dry and rough hair, etc. Since its deficiency can lead to hair fall and thin, some people are approaching to take biotin supplements as it can thicken their hair and stimulate hair growth. Biotin supplements, also known as vitamin B7, accelerate the keratin production in your hair and can also increase the rate of strand growth. 

neuherbs hair biotin is a nourishing blend of several naturally extracted ingredients from natural plant sources. The best biotin for hair growth offers biotin derived from natural sesbania extract, which is an essential nutrient to control hair fall and thinning and promote healthy hair growth. neuherbs 3-in-1 plant-based hair biotin powder is the safest and best choice that you need for hair fall and regrowth and to manage your hair health naturally.

Benefits of neuherbs Hair Biotin

Fights Hair Fall – neuherbs biotin for hair loss contains natural DHT blockers consisting of several herbs and plant extracts that help minimize hair fall from the roots by managing hair follicles shrinkage and strengthening them. It prevents your hair from breaking off at the ends while promoting and protecting its length.

Improves Hair Quality – The herb-based hair biotin improves the dull, rough, and dry hair, makes them shine, and helps in improving its overall quality by providing essential natural fatty acids. It modifies the infrastructure of keratin, the protein that forms hair and nails. It can promote hair health, including scalp coverage and volume.

Supports Hair Regrowth – This hair biotin is based on the herb sesbania which is a good source of natural biotin and enhances the regrowth of your hair. Being naturally soy-free, gluten-free, non – GMO, with no added preservatives, neuherbs hair biotin is the best biotin for hair growth. you can also include multivitamin tablets in your diet

Key Ingredients of neuherbs Hair Biotin 

Natural Sesbania

Natural Sesbania improves the blood circulation in your scalp for healthy follicles. This herb sesbania leaf extract helps in controlling hair fall & hair thinning. It enables hair growth, hair thickness, hair strength, and a healthy scalp. In short, the natural care of sesbania enhances the overall health of hair.

Natural DHT Blockers

Natural DHT blockers are very commonly used ingredients in biotin for hair loss as it helps to reduce undesirable hair fall. 


The omega-3 delivers the essential oil care to your hair for proper essential fatty acid nourishment and healthy shine.  Advocates of natural omega-3 suggest that it may also trigger hair growth, promote hair strength and nourish hair follicles.

Other Ingredients

Other ingredients of neuherbs’ best biotin for hair growth are sesbania Grandiflora extract, pomegranate powder, piperine 95% (For enhanced results), fennel seed powder, raw mango powder, black salt, and rock salt.

How to use neuherbs Hair Biotin? 

neuherbs biotin for hair loss, hair thickening, and regrowth are to be used with proper instructions.

  • Take 5 g (1 scoop) of neuherbs hair biotin
  • Mix in one glass (200 ml) of normal water or lukewarm water
  • Make a homogeneous mixture of the this powder with water
  • Enjoy the solution after 30 minutes of your meal


With the use of this, you can prevent various health problems like dandruff, hair loss, scalp itchiness,  It will make your hair not only beautiful but also healthy from the inside out.

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