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How To Be Aesthetic While Traveling

How To Be Aesthetic While Traveling

Is there a certain textile that you reach for time and time again? Indeed, the same holds true for clothing worn when traveling. To help you look and feel your best wherever your travels may take you, we have asked readers to share our recommendations for the best travel clothing ever. So that they can choose to make textile sourcing for traveling collection better with knowledge. The best way to find out what they think is to ask them! With this knowledge you can even buy wholesale fabric to create such attire for travelling. 

Feminine Chic

Flats, a black skirt, and a cardigan over a sleeveless shirt. There aren’t many occasions when I feel like I need to dress up more than I already do.

Dresses and skirts are an excellent alternative to pants for warmer weather travel in the summer or spring/fall when temperatures are still quite high. These clothes are versatile enough to be worn throughout the day or at night with a few simple adjustments.

Change to a sweater and tights in the fall and winter by ditching the tank top. To add some color or warmth, a scarf was suggested by another reader.

Winter romance 

Wear a dress or tunic made of Merino wool, some black tights, a necklace, and a pair of ankle boots.

This ensemble conjures images of leisurely strolls through Europe’s historic cobblestone alleyways. Nothing beats a dress with tights and boots for a combination of coziness, style, and sophistication.

If you don’t often wear dresses but still want to look decent, a merino tunic paired with leggings is a great option. This outfit is practical for long flights but yet puts you in the mood for an elegant meal out.

Choose flats if you’ll be doing a lot of walking, and short heels if you’ll be wearing your ankle boots to more formal events.

Casual for beachside

My faded girlfriend jeans, a simple white or black top, a long sweater with the sleeves rolled up, and my flip flops!

While getting dressed up is entertaining, there is no greater outfit than jeans and a t-shirt. One of the most flattering features of girlfriend jeans is their loose fit. Choose a t-shirt with a closer fit to avoid seeming baggy.

Take along a duster cardigan for warmth and a pair of flip flops for footwear while visiting the beach or warmer climates like Florida or Southern California.

Another commenter suggested replacing the denim pants with a maxi skirt if you don’t like them.

Airplane comfort 

A t-shirt made of a soft material, some ankle boots, and a long-sleeve sweater from my Icebreaker brand in case it becomes chilly.”

Temperature control on planes is infamously poor. The temperature ranges from arctic lows to sweltering highs. You may now rest easy with this ensemble.

Leggings designed for exercise are best since they assist regulate your core temperature. Assuming it warms up, the t-shirt will keep you cool and comfortable. Put on the long-sleeved shirt if it’s going to be chilly.

You can keep your feet toasty with ankle boots, too. Choose slip-on or zip-style booties so you can swiftly put them on and take them off at security checkpoints. Or, for added ease, try donning a pair of compression socks.

Sports and stylish

Sports and stylish

Wearing a top, boyfriend cardigan, jeans, and Supergas.

Many of you have suggested that I just live in jeans, a shirt, and shoes. One person suggested a timeless combination of black pants and a white v-neck t-shirt to convey elegance. Alternatively, if you are visiting a vibrant destination like South America, Spain, or the Caribbean, go for brighter colors.

To stay warm, layer with a boyfriend cardigan or a chambray button-down shirt left open.

Fashion and function together

My go-to ensemble consists of a black dress, Birkenstocks, and a leather fringe necklace.

A little black dress is the epitome of chic practicality. Black is timeless, and it retains its good looks even after several wears. Accessorizing with scarves and necklaces is a quick and simple way to change its look.

Birkenstocks are our favorite kind of footwear. They’re the most supportive and comfortable sandals ever. Because there are so many variations, almost anybody can find a style they like.

Sophisticated but classical

Pants that reach just above the ankle, a white button-down shirt, ballerina flats, a trench coat, and a silk scarf.

What better way to seem like a local in Paris or Rome than to copy Audrey Hepburn’s iconic looks? There are many non-iron variations on the standard white button-down shirt.

Another reader suggested the identical getup, but with loafers in place of the flats and dark thin jeans instead of the black ones.

Bottom line 

These were some alternatives that you can opt to be aesthetic during the traveling and trip. With above mentioned attire you can make your travel stress free and relaxing regardless of location where you are going. If you are a private label then such outfit ideas are your all time go. You can add these options in your collection without any doubt. If you are looking for textile sourcing then we are here for you. And fabriclore made the entire process of textile sourcing easy and smooth. We have the best collection of textile that never fades and is timelessly beautiful. 

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