Do Invisalign Aligners and Dental Restorations Go Hand-in-Hand?

Do Invisalign Aligners and Dental Restorations Go Hand-in-Hand?

There is no better way to treat your malocclusions than getting the Invisalign aligners. However, whether you should get aligners with other orthodontic treatments is a massive concern.

If you are struggling with the same thoughts, we will let you on the viewpoint of the top Invisalign dentist.

In the following sections, continue reading as we explore the different aspects of Invisalign aligners while understanding how it goes hand-in-hand with dental restorations.  

How Dental Restorations Impact Invisalign Treatment

Before you head to Aubrey orthodontics Invisalign treatment, you should know whether you can get this treatment. Dental restorations usually include crowns, bridges, and implants. Let us tell you whether crowns, dental implants, veneers, bridges, or missing teeth impact your treatment.

Crowns and Invisalign Treatment

You can take a sigh of relief if you have a crown and thinking of getting the Invisalign treatment. Crown itself will not hinder your Invisalign treatment. On the flip side, the aligners can get molded into the shape of your crown, just like they would into your natural teeth.

However, your Invisalign dentist will always advise you to be careful while getting off these aligners. Make sure you remove only the trays and not the crown!

On the other hand, you might have to reconsider getting a crown implant while on your Invisalign treatment. Getting it done in the middle of your treatment can mess with the fit of your aligners. As a result, it shall defeat the whole purpose of your orthodontic treatment.

Hence, you can consider getting the crown before initiating your Invisalign treatment or after it concludes.

Dental Implants and Invisalign Treatment 

You might have to think twice before getting Invisalign with dental implants. While most instances support aligners with dental implants, some do not.

Aligners will exert force and work on a few parts of your teeth at a given moment. Therefore, there might be a few cases when the aligners with dental implants will not do the job of treating the malocclusions.

In some scenarios, it usually happens when the dental implant stands close to the malocclusion. So, you have a few or no natural teeth left. The number of dental implants is two or more. So it might not always be a problem but can sometimes leave your orthodontic treatment at a standstill.

Because your implants are immobile, it does not mean that the Invisalign aligners will not do the job on your natural teeth. Your Aubrey dentist can help you treat malocclusion around your natural teeth with the aligners.

Their expertise can help you get the needful treatment according to your oral needs. 

Veneers and Invisalign Treatment 

You can wear Invisalign aligners if you wear durable, new, and strong-bonded dental veneers. The dental veneers can go hand-in-hand with your Invisalign treatment. 

However, getting dental veneers in the middle of your Invisalign treatment might not be the best decision. Your Aubrey dentist will recommend you get this done before your aligner treatment.

There are a few cases where a person requires Invisalign attachments for the aligners. If the viable area for these attachments is the place with dental veneers, it could be a worrying cause. In such a case, you cannot wear both things together. 

Bridges and Invisalign Treatment

The aligners work well with dental bridge implants. Even though bridges are fixed and immobile, the natural teeth around them can still move. 

In some instances, the bridges can disrupt your Aubrey orthodontics Invisalign treatment. Your dentist will need to remove the bridges in such cases. If you have a bridge, you can consult your Aubrey dentist for further course o action. 

Missing Teeth and Invisalign Treatment 

Missing teeth will not hinder your Invisalign treatment. Getting aligners can be the best choice in case of missing teeth. If you wish to opt for dental implants, you can get them before treating your teeth with aligners.

Once the gaps with missing teeth get filled, you can start your Invisalign treatment.

Wrapping It Up! 

To get a better picture clarity, you can find a dentist by searching ‘Invisalign near me.’ It will lead you to the best Invisalign dentist. They will guide you thoroughly before initiating your aligner treatment. 

Invisalign treatment is usually suitable with most dental restorations. However, in extreme cases, your dentist will recommend you otherwise. Invisalign aligners will correct your malocclusion just in time with the adept procedures.

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