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An Ultimate Guide To Play TV Sound Through Home Theater System Speakers

home theater system in coimbatore
Speaker at recording studio.

TVs generally have built-in speakers. However, with the TV we have today, the audio quality gradually tends to fall short. The reason behind it the speaker need room to push air to create a nice audio sound. Especially nowadays in flat TVs, the internal speaker does not have enough space to provide the best audio quality. That is most homeowners prefer to buy an external speaker which can provide great sound and audio. So, are you wondering to know how to play the TV sound through home theater system speakers? Our Cine Focus Home Theater System in Coimbatore offers you the best home theatre systems speaker that can connect to any TV system.

As in the advanced technological world, some TV brands compel to improve their audio performance seeing the demand of the people. Other are also on the same platform to improve the audio enhancement features to give crystal clear audio clarity. Instead of buying an expensive TV with an average speaker capacity tries to learn how to play the TV sound through home theater system speakers. Home theater system in Coimbatore, Cine Focus expert is there to guide you better to know how to connect TV sound through a home theater system

This blog will show you the step-by-step process so you can enjoy watching your favorite shows with the best audio quality.

Learn How To Connect Your Home Theater System to Your TV

If you are a movie lover and want to get the best audio output then learn how to connect your TV sound through your home theater system speakers. First, start locating your TV’s audio output or your headphones jacks. Once you are perfectly linked to your stereo systems, the Tv audio automatically shuts off and transfers your external audio source. Doing this can enhance and amplify your TV audio capacity to improve the best audio output for the best view experience. Home theater system in Coimbatore, Cine Focus expert will guide you here on how to fix merter escort it.

Here’s how to play the TV sound through home theater system speakers:

TV to Receiver Direct Connection:

  • To avoid electrocution as you connect the cables, switch off all power sources of your TV and home theater system.
  • Find out the audio jacks on your TV and fix the red and white connector to the particular channels. The red connectors will move to the right channel while the white ones should be plugged to the left.
  • After that connect the other end of your cable to any receiver that you prefer. The most external speaker consists of audio jacks which are compatible with most TVs
  • Then turn your TV external speaker which you connected earlier to any receiver
  • Using your remote, set the receiver source to any type of cable that you used to connect the receiver.
  • Then on your remote go to the menu button and switch off the internal speaker of your Tv. This can be done by pressing the speaker option to activate it. Then try to adjust the volume on the receiver whether it is connected successfully or not.

TV to Cable or Satellite Receiver:

  • Trace out your RGB component cables from the video. At the back of your speaker, you can find red, green, and blue cables that correspond of the jacks simply connect them.
  • Then Connect the second RGB cable from the video on your external speaker to the video jacks on your TV.
  • Find and successfully the connection that is connected to the stereo cable from your audio jacks out on your satellite box to the audio is on or not that linked to external speakers. That cable sends the audio signals from the TV set to the home theater system for successful playback.

Knowing all step-by-step processes will help you fix the connection perfectly so that you can able to hear the best TV audio quality. Now you will not suffer to hear bad audio quality when you are seeing your favorite shows. Now full set up with a complete home theater system you can take advantage of. You can utilize another receiver to get an overall perfect viewing experience and life style

Connect your Tv to any external audio system by seeing the above step-by-step process and enjoy your content play in your home theatre. If you have smart Tv you won’t need to connect any cable simply linked your device via Bluetooth and enjoy your movie, serials, or cartoon. Home theater in Coimbatore, cine Focus expert,  is there will help to give you a complete setup home theatre with the best external speaker systems at a genuine cost.


Now you can analyze, technology today allows us to enjoy and with our fingertips keep control of all devices we have at home to provide the perfect quality experience in all aspects of our lives. Want to know more wonderful audio tech hacks? Go here!! Home theater in Coimbatore at Cine Focus exclusive shop for all home theater equipment.

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