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5 Things to Know Before Develop an Android App


Want to build an Android app? Keep reading.

Given that he is still relatively new to programming, I believed that learning more about how to create a mobile app would be ideal for Learn to Code With Me.

Before we begin, let’s first learn a little more about PraneethVT.

He is majoring in computer engineering.

He has therefore completed roughly six months of formal programming instruction.

Java is taught in two of the introductory computer science classes he has mecidiyeköy escort taken.

He made the decision to use some of his computer science talents and create an Android app during the summer.

Here are some more queries concerning PraneethVT’s process for creating his first Android app, presented as a Q&A. (His responses come after my queries, which are in bold.)

The Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Building an Android App

  1. There is no getting around the fact that you must learn Java.
  2. Learning XML for app design, comprehending Android ideas, and applying those concepts programmatically with Java comprise the Android component.
  3. IDEs are probably best for beginners (PraneethVT preferred Android Studio over Eclipse)
  4. It takes time to build your first app; it won’t happen suddenly. This project is not for individuals who want a quick outcome.
  5. Use Stack Overflow if you get stuck on a problem (which you will). If you’re unsuccessful there, try the Android Subreddit, which has a helpful community.

How to Create an Android App: FAQ

Could you explain in detail what each ability and language is required to create an Android app?

Java and Android are the two key technologies/skills required to build an Android application. Although Android uses Java as its programming language, learning XML for app design and understanding Android’s core principles are also necessary. Java is used to implement these concepts programmatically.

After studying Java and XML (XML is really easy to get used to, and you should learn the language as you program your app rather than learning it beforehand as you would with Java), You need to learn how to use Android concepts to connect these two.

For learning about Activities, Fragments, and other crucial Android concepts, I provided several helpful resources in my Reddit post. However, my favorite is the Big Nerd Ranch book since it teaches you while you create apps throughout the book.

What would you advise someone to learn first if they were a complete newbie and wanted to create an Android app?

I advise a complete newbie to learn Java. There are no shortcuts in this situation; Java must be learned.

I now suggest YouTube tutorials for complete beginners to learn the fundamentals of installing Eclipse (the Integrated Development Environment, or IDE, for Java) and the Java Development Kit (JDK).

Understanding the fundamental grammar behind Java concepts like loops and expressions is also helpful.

What precisely are Android Studio and Eclipse? Are these two absolutely required in order to create an Android app?

Integrated Development Environments, or IDEs, include Android Studio and Eclipse. Other tools that run code may be used to code Java, but I myself am not too familiar with these and would not at all advise a beginner to use these.

Unlike other apps where you would need to write some code to compile and then write some code to execute, the IDEs build and run your code with the simple click of a button. Eclipse must be used to install the Android SDK.

but all of the installation processes are covered in-depth on the Android developer’s website.

How many hours per day or week did you devote to creating the Android app?

I finished my app in almost exactly two months.

At first, I read the Big Nerd Ranch book for more than four hours each day while also following the instructions to create the apps described in the book. When I was actually creating my own app, the time passed quickly because it took me some time to properly absorb the material because it was new to me before I could solve a simple problem like saving data.

Because I am on summer break from a university and had nothing else to do, I had plenty of time to complete this.

Where was your go-to spot for seeking assistance and receiving information?

I frequently utilized Google because I was new to Android to find answers to any questions I was having. When Stack Overflow didn’t have an answer that worked for me, I posted in the /r/androiddev Subreddit, and they were really helpful. Stack Overflow was typically the top result.

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