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5 tips to style outfits for yourself

5 tips to style outfits for yourself
5 tips to style outfits for yourself

          Guide to style your outfits in a better way 

1-) Style in a way so that it embraces your body proportions 

 Body proportions can be described as the size & shape of the body, the proportion of the body completely vary from person to person though there are some common shape and structure individually in men and women and inherently no body type is better than other but some people admire certain body shape or have an ideal body type that they try to obtain and styling helps them a lot in getting that.

If you want to embrace your body proportion first thing you should know is your body shape Then you should decide which part of your body you want to highlight or which part you want to bring focus on

For example, if you want to highlight your waist you can wear a belt to bring the focus to your waist or if you want to highlight your shoulder you can wear Cote, off-shoulder tops, etc.

Bonus tips: If you want to look tall include vertical straps and tie and dye jogger set in your wardrobe straps to create an illusion and make you look taller.

2-) Balance out your clothing 

Balancing outfits is not as complicated as balancing the chemicals or balance sheet lol but balancing out your outfit means putting two parts of a garment together that bring out the best in each other. You can balance your outfits in many ways

For example, if you are wearing something loose fit or baggy on top or upper part of your body then you should try to wear something skinny or body fit in the bottom that shows your curves and carbs so that it brings balance you can also do visa versa 

You can bring balance to your outfits with colors also like using one popup color in your outfit and keeping the rest basic 

Bonus tip- These days using color from the same pallet is in trend you can use one color and wear it in different shades it’s called tonal layering 

3-) Use things that make your outfits look expensive  

It’s one thing that lots of fashion influencers do and you can also do that you just need to add one thing that puts your whole outfit together

For example, using a type of shoes that pull out your outfits or carry some high heels cause footwear is something that people ignore mostly while dressing but it really can make or break your outfits you can also add some shades, bags, etc.

4-) Layering outfits 

layering in clothing means putting multiple garments on top of each other in such a way that they look more presentable it is more suitable for cold climates as adding in layering you overlap your clothes so it’s not suitable for dry and hot weather by using this method you can also play around with the garment that is already in your Wardrop

One of the basic examples of layering is wearing a white t-shirt with a jacket and a pair of ankle-length jeans for summers you can wear a t-shirt under a strap dress and you can use Printed shirts for men in many ways to do layering your outfits 

5-) Accessorize your outfits 

Accessorizing your outfits means making outfits spicier by adding small things that make your outfit complete you can use jewelry, shoes, belts, bags, etc.

You can use them to transform your outfits from formal to party wear they can put that much impact on your outfit so do try to use it in your outfits 

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