Do you know what the computer parts are? The computer parts are the multiple components that comprise the whole computers system. The computer parts divide into two different categories: tangible and intangible. The companies with computer systems always bulk order computer parts from the manufacturers. Every computer comprises five essential elements, which is why the manufacturers must look after these parts a lot.

Different computer parts and their functions

Computer parts and their functions; here, you will read about different procedures performed by the different types of computers parts and how they are helpful for each other and become great devices for use.


The motherboard is the main circuit board of the system. therefore many electronic components are attach to the motherboard; others build into it. The motherboard contains the microprocessor, main memory, RAM, ROM, support circuitry, bus controller, and connector. Other boards, including expansion memory and input or output boards, may attach to the motherboard via the bus conductor.

Processor or CPU

In computers parts and their functions, the CPU or processor performs the complex procedure that transforms raw data into helpful information called processing. A computer uses two components – processor and memory. The processor is the brain of computers, which organizes all data in the computers, and carries out instructions from the user or the software. In a computer system, the processor consists of one or two microprocessors, silver or silicon or the other material etched with many tiny electronic circuits.


In the computers parts, memory is the computers’ electronic scratchpad programs are loaded into and run from memory. In addition, programs’ data is also loaded into the memory for immediate success. RAM random access memory is the most common type of memory used worldwide. Therefore the most crucial thing to remember about RAM is that it is volatile, so it needs a constant power supply. Therefore, one of the essential factors that affect the computer speed and power of a computers is the amount of RAM. Generally, the more RAM a computers has, the computers can do many things simultaneously without lag.

Units of memory

A byte is the primary storage unit in memory; when an application program instructions and data transfer into memory from the storage device, the education and data exist as a byte. Each byte resides temporarily in a location in memory called an address. An address is simply a unique number that identifies the location of the byte in memory. Manufacturers state memory and storage sizes regarding the number of bytes available within the device for storage.

Storage device

The Storage devices’ function is to hold the program and data files when the computers is not using them. therefore Storage devices are different from memory in many ways. First, the storage devices are non-volatile; the data or programs stored in the storage devices will not be lost even if the power fails.

Input devices

The computers receives instructions from the user through the input devices. The most common types of the input device are keyboard. It accepts letters, numbers, and special characters and commands from the user and transmits them to the computer.

Output devices

The computer communicates with the user via output devices. Output devices’ function is to present process data to the user. The most common devices are monitors, printers, and speakers. The computers sends information to the monitor only when the user needs that. For example, it sends the output to the printer when the user needs a paper copy, and the output devices perform more functions.


Knowing the computer parts are essential.

Understanding the terminology of computers systems and parts involved is beneficial to stand out in the technological era. An excellent and in-depth understanding of computer parts helps you be more efficient with other technologies. It also allows the users to know how these computers parts work for the computer to proceed.

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