5 Easy Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Physics In Neet

5 Easy Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Physics In Neet

NEET: National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is the single-level medical entrance test for the MBBS and BDS in the country. Lakhs of students appear in the examination for the limited seats in their desired colleges.

NEET Exam includes three sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Most of the students complain about Physics problems in these three sections. Out of 100 NEET aspirants, 75 will say Physics is a difficult subject because it contains a lot of formulas, theories, concepts, and mathematics.

Even the brilliant student blanked out on some Physics numerical problems. To get a good AIR in NEET is a must to perform excellently along with other subjects. This article will share five tips to remove your fear of Physics for NEET.

Why Scoring Good Marks Important For Physics?

Students often avoid Physics during the NEET preparation because of its complicated concepts and mathematical problems. However, by scoring good marks in chemistry and biology, you can crack NEET Exam but will not be able to get the desired outcome. Scoring good marks in Physics will help you improve your AIR in the future.

Five Tips To Remove Your Fear Of Physics In Neet

While preparing for Physics for NEET exams is essential, knowing some tips and hacks to crack the NEET exam will be helpful.

  • Hit the Concepts

I have seen students trying to solve a question using a formula. But it’s not going to work always. First, you have to master the concepts and understand them well. You don’t have to put in any extra effort to do that. All the concepts are explained very well in NCERT Books. You can use some video lectures available in the Physics Wallah app. They are absolutely free and well explained.

  • Always Maintain a Positive Approach

Maintaining a positive approach will always help you, whether in learning physics or life. Maybe you cannot solve numerical problems initially, and your friend is excellent at it. Competitiveness is good, but at the same time, you need to learn where you are lacking. Take help from your teachers. You can join Physics Wallah’s Arjuna Batch, which is cost-effective and specially designed for NEET students. Here the Physics teacher Kshitiz Kanik Sir is an expert in making physics easy for you.

  • Solve NCERT Examples and Practice Variety of Questions

If you ask any expert about what to study to clear the NEET exam? He will say just focus on NCERT Books, and you can crack the exam. The reason is that about 75-80% of questions in the NEET exam are directly asked from NCERT Books. So you need to read NCERT line by line and solve all the examples and exercises available in the book.

Along with this, you need a lot of practice. Solve a variety of questions based on similar concepts. As you solve the question, time in applying concepts will decrease.

  • Make an Interactive Flowchart

To deal with the last-minute revision, you should make an interactive flowchart. Maybe some of you think, “What is a flowchart?” A flowchart is a diagram that shows the connection between related topics and chapters. It will help you in last-minute revision. Have a special sheet of all the essential formulas and how you can apply them to the question.

  • The last Mantra is -Do Practice A Lot

Practice, Practice, and Practice till it becomes a cakewalk for you. Physics is less consistent with other subjects as it requires a lot of practice. Start with some basic problems, and with time try out difficult ones. Solving a lot of problems will increase your speed and accuracy. After completing the syllabus, start solving NEET’s previous year’s questions. Give NEET mock test every 15 days.


To score good marks in the Physics section of the NEET exam, it’s not wrong to say that it needs practice a lot. It’s also essential to have a practical approach to NEET Examination. Don’t stick to them if you cannot solve some physics problems. You can become a part of the Physics Wallah NEET 2023 crash course. It is specially made to pace-up students’ NEET preparation. Move on to solve other problems. Scoring good marks in physics will help you improve your AIR, but if you lack Chemistry and Biology, it can cover that too.


Can I Ignore Physics For Neet?

  1. You will not be able to afford to ignore Physics in NEET Examination. If you perform exceptionally well in Chemistry and Biology, you can crack NEET, but you must score well in Physics to improve your AIR. Don’t ignore Physics. Solve NEET previous year’s question papers, mark all the repetitive questions, solve these problems, and clear your concepts.

How Can I Prepare For Physics For The Neet Exam?

  • Start reading NCERT Books because concepts are explained in easy-to-understand language with real-life examples.
  • Read and understand all the concepts given in NCERT Book. And if you have a problem at some point, ask for help from your teacher.
  • Prepare your class note and refer them from time to time.
  • Try to derive formulas and understand the logic behind them. You can take help from reference books.
  • During your preparation, try to give NEET mock test every two weeks. It will give you an idea of the real exam.
  • After completing the syllabus, solve NEET’s previous year’s question papers.

Is Physics Wallah Good For Neet?

Yes. Physics Wallah is perfect for preparing for the NEET Exam. They have a specialized teachers team and well-suited study materials. Physics wallah’s Arjuna batch 2023 is specially designed for NEET aspiring students.

Is Physics tough for NEET?

Physics is a tough section of the NEET exam, followed by chemistry and biology. But most of the Physics questions are directly asked from the NCERT Books, so if you study Physics smartly, you can easily score good marks in Physics in the NEET exam.

How Many Questions Can We Skip In The Neet Exam?

In the NEET exam, 200 questions were asked, 50 from each section. You can leave five questions in each section, meaning you should attempt 180 questions and leave 20 questions.


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