yasin valley

yasin valley

Best time to go to Yasin Valley

The period between April and October is the best time to trip to Yasin Valley. However, during this time, you’ll have to contend with cold weather and rough weather. I went to the valley in the middle of May, and this valley was lush and green with snow-capped mountains. There was a bit of cold at night but the temperature during the day was very pleasant. This is why I think July-August is the ideal season to go to Yasin valley.Because you can also get to enjoy the fresh fruits and fishing over there in the summertime. Disadvantage: During these days there is a large influx of local tourists from across Pakistan.

From Gilgit From Gilgit Yasin

Local Hiece Service is the most suitable option. You must book an appointment from close to Gahdi bagh under the bridge called Shajee Ada on river view road. The buses leave every hour from 10 am and 5 pm. Tickets are only 500 rupees. Once you are on the Hiace van, it will take two hours to arrive at Gahkuch and then you will have tea and rest The journey begins again with a wait of 2 hours before you’ll reach Yasin Valley(central Yasin). It takes about approximately four and a half hours reach Yasin via local transportation. However, when you returning to Gilgit, the vehicles are leaving early in the morning at around 5:30 am. Also, you need to be prepared to the return.

The story of Yasin Valley

Since this valley is an end-all-is-all at an inaccessible point at the Tajikistan border, or the Afghanistan frontier, not many people have the courage to cross the passes with a high altitude of more than 13000 feet.

Yasin Valley’s plains Yasin Valley are thought to be battlefields for the armies of the past who fought for this important route into central Asia.

The colonial British promoted infighting amongst the different royals of Chitral over the valley. The colonial British sent Dogra armies to seize the valley the valley, and later took over the valley in full.


Road Conditions from Islamabad to Yasin Valley

Roads were in a condition prior to the construction however it is now in good shape. Thanks to the sacrifices by Lalak Jan Shaheed Nishan e Haidar the government constructed a brand new single-track road that connected this town to Hundur in the Valley.

It is a sunny day in Yasin Valley

Also, it gets very cold quickly.

The weather at Yasin Valley stays below 30 zero Celsius all year even during the summer peak season from May to October. The weather sometimes drops to 15 zero Celsius when it rains so jackets and warm clothes are a must.

After October the temperature drops around 10 Celsius and can be uncomfortable. you need a lot of wood and gas to stay warm.

Make sure you check the weather before departing for Gilgit as even in high summer months, the snow could stop traffic for just a few days.


It is believed that the Darkut Pass connects Yasin with Broghol pass and Chitral whilst the Thoi Pass connects Yasin to Yarkhun Chitral and Asumber pass connects Yasin to Ishkomen. Darkot Pass is a historical pass that has been discriminately classified as a restricted zone by the Government of Pakistan. This pass used to be the shortest means of Communication between oxus and Indus ([www.yasinvalley.com]www.yasinvalley.com). Tourists from both countries are enthralled by the trek up the Assumbur pass until Ishqamen valley.

from 5 to until 11 pm. The cost is 500 rupees. Once you’re on the Hiace Van Hiace Van the journey will take 2 hours to reach Gahkuch where you can rest and drink tea. The journey continues at 2 hours, and after that, you’ll reach Yasin Valley(central Yasin). It takes about 4 and one-half hours to arrive at Yasin via local transportation. However, on the return journey towards Gilgit the buses depart early, around 5 am. So, you should be ready when you return.

Where can you stay where to stay Yasin Valley

Within Yasin Taus, there are numerous guesthouses and hotels at they can be found easily accommodations in the region. However, the majority of these guesthouses and hotels have limited resources, but they are affordable, and the food that they serve comes from a source that is natural. However, prices may vary depending on the amount of tourists visiting.

Geographic Background

Ghizer District is the most northwestern region within Gilgit Baltistan, connecting GB with Chitral via Shandur Pass and also to Afghanistan, Tajikistan via Kurumber valley which is an integral part of Khodarg Werth Pass that runs through Tehsil Ishkomen. The district is home to four Tehsils: Punial, Ishkomen, Gupis and Yaseen. Each of them also has additional valleys offering amazing views.

Khukush Langer Lake:

Khukush Langar Lake is also called Baha lake, which is situated at the Shandur Valley Tehsil Gupis in the Ghizer District. Baha Lake has sky blue hue and is a major source of freshwater that is rich in trout. It is one of the largest lakes within the Gilgit Baltistan region with an estimated length of 5 km, Lake is part of Shandur National Park as well. Baha Lake is accessible via the road, which takes approximately 3 hours to reach from the Langer-Shandur highway. The track then leads towards the swat valley within KPK province via a high climb.


A number of notable people belonged to Yasin Valley including Gohar Aman, an armed warrior who fought the invaders and oppressors while taking on the tiny states of the state nearby.

Climate/Weather Condition:

Yasin valley is usually cold. The winters are particularly brutal, with temperatures dropping to -15 degrees at night. The days are generally sunny which makes it enjoyable in the morning.

The ideal time to visit Yasin Valley is from May through September during which the valley is full of sparkling waters, lush vegetation, and snow-covered peaks that are sure to lift the spirits of visitors.

The people’s hospitality and Culture

The people who live in the valley are extremely warm and welcoming. They are largely part of the Islmaili’s community.

Gilgit Baltistan : Yasin Valley Gallery

This is a huge collection of images taken from the Yasin Valley Gallery of Pakistan to see its beauty and appeal in a visual and pictorial format. This collection is the result of our team as well as our valued members. If you notice any problem or misrepresentation of data or an inaccurate title for image, please get in touch with us and tell us about the mistake or error.

Due to its elevation The weather in Broghil Valley is quite brutal, particularly during the winter months. The valley receives about five to six feet of snow every year. Storms of dust and heavy rain are also common.

As winter approaches locals in Broghil Valley purchase food items and wood for their animals. As the temperatures drop and the snowfall starts the residents spend their time at home. In recent years some small stores have opened in the villages, offering the residents with the basic necessities.


To pay homage to their own local culture, the residents of this beautiful valley are able to indulge in some of the most unique sports, including horse racing, free-style Polo, and donkey racing, among others at the time of. However, the yak race and yakpolo are the real highlights of the Broghil Valley Festival.

In the months before winter arrives the people of Broghil Valley buy food, wood and grass for their animals. Once the weather gets cold and the snowfall starts the locals spend their time at home. In recent years there have been a few small stores that have opened in the villages.

by providing residents with basic necessities. The best season to go to Broghil Valley lies between June and August, that’s when you can witness the expansive green fields, flowing waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and colourful festivals that make it one the must-see tourist spots in Pakistan.

Because Yasin has many mountain passes that connect to Chitral This is therefore, not an accident that Chitral’s Mehtar Chitral used to control the whole of Yasin Valley through force.

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