Why should we use the Cashify brand repair service for our phones?

phone repair

Is your smartphone refusing to switch on? Is the speaker not working, or has the display been damaged? Internal hardware has become more compact as smartphones have become smaller, often resulting in pieces being fused together or glued in place. This means more expensive repairs, which may lead to people simply purchasing a new phone instead, causing old phones to be discarded.

Many phones only have one year warranty. But what to do when the more expensive parts (like the display) are damaged, and the cost of repair is big? Users look for other options like buying another device or continuing to use the phone in that condition as long as they can. With everything possible online and within a few minutes, online mobile repair has also become a possible choice.

There are various advantages to repairing your phone. Because first and foremost, mobile phone repair is often more affordable than buying a new phone hastily. Well, buying a new phone requires quite a lot of money as it is. But what if your phone only requires a bit of repair, and you can save a lot of money? Especially when so many online mobile phone repair services are available in the market. 

Cashify, India’s trusted online repair and sell old phone platform, is one such option. Now you might have questions as to why you should Cashify. What makes it different from other local service centres and other online platforms? Here’s how Cashify makes it the best possible choice for you to repair your phone.

When we wonder how to get the best price for old smartphones or devices – we offer the platform to you with the best benefits you can enjoy: 

No Advance Payment

When repairing your device – Cashify asks for no advance payment of any kind to our customers because we believe in service first. Cashify takes payment only once the technician has successfully repaired your device. Moreover, Cashify also takes payment in Amazon Voucher, PayTM wallet and more. 


When using a third-party app, security is a paramount issue. So, when you repair old mobile or anything on Cashify. Furthermore, users do not need to reset their device, unlike when they have to when going to local repair shops. Don’t worry; Cashify takes full responsibility for the phone once it is handed over to the Cashify experts/technicians. However, there is a minimal chance of damages/s as our team consists of trained professionals. If it does happen in an unlikely circumstance, we will fix your phone at our cost and return it to its original condition. Rest assured that your device is in safe hands.

Quick & Convenient

Making your experience hassle-free is one of our mottos! In just 3 simple steps, you can be the owner of a phone that works seamlessly. First, you need to install the Cashify App on your phone and list your device’s brand, model and colour. Then choose the issue you are facing from a list of repairs. You can even explain the issue you are facing. No matter what part of the broken smartphone – display, mic, speaker, battery, receiver, charging port – Cashify’s new service Cashify Repair is here to fix it at your home. 

And voila! Cashify gives you a rough estimate of the repair and lets you book a slot as per your convenience.

We understand how irritating those hidden costs and fees can be. This is why our pick-up service is absolutely free and has zero hidden charges.

Cashify Repair uses AAA-grade, top-quality compatible parts for any repair service. Only the best quality parts qualify for our testing and grading process. However, we do not claim original parts as only an authorised manufacturer can claim the same. But the functionality and sensitivity of the parts that Cashify uses are at par with their original counterparts. Hence, we provide a 6 months warranty on mobile screen repair & a 3 months warranty on other spare part repairs. Please note back panel change does not come under warranty. 

What more does Cashify offer apart from Cashify Repair?

Cashify also has a referral system for you. If you know someone in contact wanting to sell their device – simply share your referral code with them. However, one should note that he/she will have to use your referral code to start a transaction of sale. In return, you will earn points that you can redeem as money.

But here’s where it does not stop, Cashify beyond repair also offers a number of other services to its users. Users can sell their old smartphones, laptops and more on Cashify within minutes within a few taps in the comfort of their home. It also offers a platform where users can compare and get information before buying a new smartphone. Moreover, the platform also tries to keep its users updated with the latest technology news in the market.