Why People Get High Net-Worth Insurance

If you earn a seven figures salary, you are in a financial position that most people are yet to achieve. Therefore, you need an indemnity cover covering your wealth, property, family, and lifestyle. Consider a high net worth insurance coverage to protect your extraordinary homes, luxurious cars, and other material assets. Below are the reasons you require this type of coverage. Keep reading to learn more.

Excellent Customer Service

Usually, these indemnity agents provide extra customer services to meet clients’ expectations. They aim to deliver outstanding service that is essential and beneficial to customers. Furthermore, they yearn for daily interactions with clients to hint at how they potentially respond to significant challenges that cause devastating loss. Thus, they are very keen on details and are ready to do anything at your convenience. You receive extra care and attention from the policy providers. For instance, they can book a staycation in a hotel room if your home becomes uninhabitable due to unfortunate occurrences such as fire accidents and pest infestations.

Appropriate Appraisal of Your Valuables

It is difficult to determine the exact worth of high-end value property. Thus, it requires the services of an expert, for instance, from Concord Group Insurance. The exact market value might be unknown when it comes to expensive and luxurious items. This creates a problem because the insurers will likely use a different value that does not match the item’s appropriate value. Consequently, this leads to insurance which is disadvantageous to you, or over-insurance, which affects the company. Hiring a professional would be best since they have the relevant knowledge and experience. As a result, you get excellent appraisal services for your property.

Prevents the Risk of Being Under-Insured

The normal insurance covers are fine if your needs are straightforward. However, standard indemnification policies aren’t enough if you have a lavish lifestyle. It would be best to attain an HNWI cover to reduce the chances of being underinsured. With an improper cover, your property isn’t adequately protected in case the worst happens. The situation leads to unnecessary hassle and great emotional distress. With proper HNWI policy, you have peace of mind, knowing that your assets are protected, and you are assured of full financial coverage in case something happens. Also, insurers do their due diligence to ascertain that you are not paying for a cover you don’t need.

Provides Expanded Limits

Another advantage of acquiring an HNWI is receiving higher and expanded coverage without a special endorsement. This means that apart from your home, the policy covers other assets such as second and vacation homes, living expenses, and scheduled jewelry and fine art protection. In addition, they cater for living expenses when the property is being repaired or reconstructed. Some policies also offer protection for business premises and water backup during floods. Furthermore, the insurer provides trace and access coverage. The policy is offered to identify a leak anywhere on your property. It also covers any damage incurred when finding the source.

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Additional Tax-Free Income Stream

HNWI policies always have a cash value component. Some policies gain value with time, which is an additional source of income. The dividends you receive on the covers are usually tax-free. In addition, you are in the highest tax bracket as a high-net-worth individual. You are required to pay estate tax to the state. In addition, you also pay for life insurance which shouldn’t be taxed according to federal taxes. Thus, the proceeds from the policy aren’t taxed, hence a tax-free income stream.

Additional Benefits

You cater to specialty and additional coverages requiring attention with high net worth insurance. In most circumstances, regular indemnification agents do not provide these covers. They include professional liability coverage. For instance, if you hold a position in a company and something business-related happens. A homeowner’s insurance cannot cover it; thus, an HNWI comes in to make compensation.


Additionally, they provide cyber liability because cyber crimes such as hacking are rampant in today’s digital world. Most hackers are exposing successful families for ransom. HNWI has a policy to protect you in the event you are hacked.


High net worth insurance is not a luxury, but a necessity, particularly if you have accumulated wealth. It helps address the gaps and issues facing your valued belongings. Always consult a professional to get your property’s customized guidance and risk management solutions.



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