Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework In 2022?

PHP Framwork

It can be difficult to choose the right PHP framework for your business. There are many choices. Soft Suave has been using the Laravel framework for many years. Other PHP development services have been tested and worked with us.

Why Laravel is the best PHP Framework?

1) Authorization Technique: PHP framework:-

Laravel makes it easy to implement authentication techniques. Everything is easily configured. Laravel allows you to easily organize authorization logic and manage access to resources

2) Object-Oriented Libraries:-

Laravel is the best PHP framework because it has ObjectOriented libraries and many other pre-installed ones that aren’t found in other PHP frameworks.

The Authentication library is one of the pre-installed libraries. It is simple to use, but it offers many advanced features such as password reset, password reset, cross-site request forgery protection, encryption, and Bcrypt hashing.

3) Artisan:-

Laravel provides Artisan, a build tool. The Laravel framework requires that developers interact with it using a command line. This command line creates and manages the Laravel project environment. Laravel has an Artisan command-line tool built in. This tool makes it possible to automate repetitive and tedious programming tasks that most developers avoid.

4) MVC Support:-

Laravel is the best PHP framework because it supports MVC Architecture such as Symfony. This allows for clarity between logic, presentation, and logic. MVC allows for better documentation and performance. This is how MVC works in Laravel.

5) Security:-

Everyone has to find other ways to secure an application while developing it. Laravel provides security in its framework. It uses hashed and salted passwords. This means that the password will never be saved as plain text in the database. It uses the Bcrypt algorithm to generate an encrypted representation of a passcode.

Laravel makes injection attacks impossible by using prepared SQL statements. Laravel also provides an easy way to escape user input and avoid user injection.

6) Database Migration:-

Maintaining the database in sync across development machines is a major problem for developers. It is easy to migrate databases with Laravel. You may have worked long hours and made many changes to your database. MySQL Workbench, while a good java script tool, is not the best way to sync my databases between my development machines. You can also use Migrations.

You can easily transfer the changes to any development machine as long as the database work is kept in seeds and migrations. Laravel is the best framework because of this.

7) Great Tutorials (Laracasts):-

Your developers or you need to know more to be able to deliver more. And unlike other platforms (Codeigniter Yii, CakePHP, etc. Laravel has Laracasts. These are a combination of paid and free video tutorials that will show you how to use Laravel.

Jeffery Way is an experienced instructor and expert who created the videos. Jeffery Way seems to be able to grasp the essence of the subject and provides clear and concise instructions. Production quality is excellent, and the lessons are clear and concise.

8) Blade Templating Engine:-

Laravel’s Blade templating engine is intuitive. It makes it easier to use the PHP/HTML spaghetti. That’s one of the greatest features of the framework. You’ve probably had to cut up an if-statement with HTML in it. It’s easy with a knife. This is how it works:

9) Responsible interface:-

Laravel 5.5 released Responsible Interface in August 2017. This is a new feature in Laravel. It is a class used to implement the interface. The controller method returns it. After that, the router is going to check for the instance of Responsible when preparing the response from “Illuminate\Routing\Router”. Below is an example of the Responsible interface not being implemented.

Below is the code to show how a class will look after it implements the Responsible Interface.

If the request was made via AJAX default, the user can reply with JSON. Otherwise, the route “Songs. show” will redirect.

10) Auto Package Discovery:-

In the older versions of Laravel, it was difficult to install packages. Laravel 5.5 now has an automatic package discovery feature that detects which packages users wish to install. This means that users no longer need to create aliases or providers in order to install new packages in Laravel. Developers can disable this feature in Laravel 5.5 for certain packages.

How Should you Start with Laravel:

It’s easy to see why it is the best PHP framework for 2022. To start a web development project, however, you will need developers.

You can also extend your development teams by adding co-developers if you need to make minor changes or remodel your site. No matter what your needs are, Soft Suave is the right technology partner for you.


Laravel’s incredible features are driving popularity. Laravel also offers extensive community support. Additionally, Laravel offers extensive community support if businesses need to outsource web development work or employ Laravel developers. We at Soft Suave can help. Our web app developers guarantee SLAs, have over 5000+ projects, and have 12+ years of experience. We have over 1500 satisfied customers and offer a zero-billing guarantee

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