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Why is Route Planning Software Important in Distribution?

Route Planning Software

With the rising demands of customers, businesses often seek optimal delivery solutions. Route planning software has turned out to be the most reliable solution to address issues like delays in delivery, lack of efficient routes, etc. In short, it helps operations managers get the best out of their fleet. 

The best route planner helps with effective fleet management while reducing delays. It also helps you to save time and unwanted expenses with the ability to plan multiple routes in a jiffy.  

In this article, we will explore what is route planning, the challenges in distribution, and how an efficient route planning software can help beat that.

So without any further ado let’s learn more about route planning.  

What is Route Planning? 

Route planning is the process of finding the most optimized route for the operation of your fleet. From planning routes to having a collection of addresses and then aligning them in a systematic order, route planning software does it all for you. 

Route planning helps with optimized utilization of resources which further helps with cost savings, time efficiency, and reduced emissions. 

What Distribution Challenges Faced Without Route Planning Software?

When a fleet engages in distribution without the use of GPS route planning software, they often tend to face numerous challenges. These challenges can impact various factors like efficiency, overall cost, etc. 

Some of the major challenges faced by the industries are mentioned below-

  • Time-taking manual route planning leading to more time on the road. 
  • Lack of visibility into fleet utilization and operations
  • Poor resource allocation leading to more operational costs.
  • Inaccurate delivery ETAs.
  • Inability to meet last-minute changes in the delivery schedule. 

How Crucial is Route Planning Software in Distribution? 

Route planning software for distribution helps you to improve the productivity of your fleet without any additional cost. The technology, by helping plan the most efficient routes with real-time locational data makes the task of distribution manageable and seamless.

Some of the major importance of route tracking software is mentioned further in the article-

1. Creating and Prioritizing Trips

With the help of route planning software, managers can easily create trips. All they have to do is mention the delivery location, define the duration, and set the sequence of halts required accordingly.  In addition, managers can easily get rid of the discomfort of manual planning and make their trip cost-efficient by creating the most efficient route for themselves. 

2. Real-time visibility

Route tracking software makes real-time visibility possible. Managers can easily understand where each of their vehicles is without continuous communication through texts and calls. Real-time visibility gives managers an idea of any aberration on the routes without fail. 

3. Detailed Insights 

Detailed analytical data is the key to growth in any business. Through route planning software, managers gain a 360° of supervision of their fleet. They get detailed insight into the trip planned, the density of routes, load management, the consumption of fuel, and the number of halts. Additionally, they can also get access to detailed reports on events like harsh braking, overspeeding, etc. 

Historical data helps in making better decisions and analyzing future trends. 

4.PODs and ETA’s 

PODs are one of the most reliable features of route planning. This helps the managers know whether the consignment is received by the client or not. This can beat challenges like theft and false updates from the drivers. Proof of delivery also helps in increasing customer satisfaction. 

Whereas, in the case of the estimated time of arrival (ETAs), managers, clients, and users can easily get updates on the delivery whereabouts. Clients receive ETA links in their inbox which allows them to have an eye on the real movement of the vehicle. 

5. Optimization of resources 

The right route planning software as a part of fleet management software enables users to make the most efficient use of the available resources like the vehicle and the drivers. It helps distribution businesses across industries ensure that their resources are properly used or not. With the help of data provided through the route management software, managers can assign the most appropriate vehicles and drivers. 


In today’s era route planning software plays a very crucial role in the world of distribution. Route planning enhances operational efficiency by optimizing resources and minimizing the time on the road which leads to less fuel consumption. In addition, PODs and ETAs help increase client satisfaction by providing insights into delivery and proof of delivery. The software provides you with various features like real-time monitoring, creating and prioritizing trips, and providing detailed insight into the trip. 

Keen to know about the Best route-planning software solution? 

Let TrackoBit lead the way. Try our route planning solutions today to unlock the most efficient and effective ways to optimize your resources and minimize the time on the road of your vehicle. 

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