What’s The Best Way To Define Which Foamex Material To Choose?

Coloured Foamex
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This is a scenario you could find yourself in or have been in! You’ve chosen the best design that you’d like to make your sign, however, there’s something that led you to be confused. Is it the right material to pick in order to create your printed Foamex?

Coloured foamex printing firm is dedicated to making sure that businesses get the signage they require in the way they would like it. That’s why they’re trying with their clients to evaluate the various signage materials that are available on the market.

This is why we’re here to help you. This will help you in choosing the best type of material for your sign. you’ll need it. You’ll ultimately have to select printed Foamex.


Instagram Selfie frame
Image Sources: Foamex Printing Company UK


Five Different Kinds Of Foamex Signs That Are Famous These Days.

Foamex Signs

Foamex is the title that is applied to personalised selfie frame which is extremely lightweight and ideal for inexpensive indoor and outdoor use.

Because it’s so versatile it’s not surprising that Foamex boards are often used in public and commercial signage. It’s simple to set up and lightweight in weight. One of the major benefits of this type of material is that it is simple to move about or set up.

You can see amazing images of your photos on this wall. While it’s not heavy, however, it’s strong in the real world. It is the best option because of this.

Aluminium Signs

The most sought-after metal for signage is aluminum. It is more durable when compared with composite substrates and materials. Due to its strength and durability, it is ideal for outdoor signage because it is lightweight in nature.

Signs and posters can be found in various designs, and each comes with specific reasons for its usage. It is crucial to comprehend the characteristics to consider when selecting the right kind of material for the purpose for which it is intended.

It is available in five different sizes, with three being the most popular. They include 0.040, 0.080, and the sturdiest 0.125.

If you’re in search of a material that won’t shrink or bow in any way, aluminum is among the top choices as it’s less expensive when compared with other materials like Redwood printing Foamex.

It’s important to be aware that, even though we’re claiming that it’s cheap, it does not mean it’s inexpensive. If you’re in search of attractive signs that look professional and have a premium high-end appearance. Hoardings are the ideal alternative.

The Correx Signs

It is composed of corrugate polypropylene. Instagram Selfie frame can describe as a material that is waterproof and weatherproof and won’t fade after exposure to light. This makes it an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor signs.

It’s also lightweight in weight. It offers a variety of thicknesses, making the material easy to maneuver and also the amount that you need to cover the space you’ve decide to cover.

If you’re searching for signs that don’t have to be fix forever or can be modify periodically for discounts or an offer or special deals and so on, Correx signs are a perfect choice since they’re weatherproof, adjustable, and more eco-friendly and recyclable.

Acrylic Signs

The majority of the transparent, tint plastic Acrylic signs are construct from plastic sheets that look similar to glass due to their transparency. Since they are flexible, robust hoarding printing is and generally is the ideal replacement for glass since we all know how fragile glass is.

The print is in high-quality color on the acrylic signage which offers you a beautiful and polished appearance regardless of the location you choose to put your sign.

If you’ve created a stunning style that you’re excited to showcase, it’s time to choose the right material. From acrylic to Foamex as well as self-adhesive vinyl. “This guide offers advice and will assist you in selecting the appropriate materials.”

Many printers today offer the capability of printing on the acrylic using UV inks that are resistant to fade. So, your signage will shine all the way to where it’s intended to be used and you’ll the best price for the money you spend with regard to the design of your sign.

Composite Signs

The majority of print social media selfie frame is of a sandwich of plastic which is in the middle of two aluminum sheets. It is design to appear like flat sheets. In terms of weight, they’re extremely durable and they’re widely employing to make outdoor and indoor signs.

If you’re searching for outdoor signage that can last in time, composite signage might be the best option for you.

They’re light and flexible, they’re also extremely robust. If you’re not concern about it’s possible to pick an attractive sign from composite material to advertise your marketing campaign.

10-millimeter Foamex sheet have utilise in a variety of uses across all industries to create signage. The most successful results can see when you examine more prominent areas. The process of images onto the boards and then getting high-resolution prints can achieve with the hoarding that you want.


Image Sources: Foamex Printing Company UK


What Makes 10mm Foamex Ideal For Hoardings?

It’s no problem to share pictures of what the concept you have in mind could look like as far as design, architecture, and interior design.

The colour Foamex hoardings are able to utilize in many ways, and they are durable enough to provide a classy look to every project you’d like to carry in the area of marketing. If they can also be reasonably price, they can be an affordable alternative to expensive materials. Isn’t that the best choice?

We can discuss the toughness of this material that it could be, the truth is that it’s extremely lightweight when compared to other materials. Therefore it’s much easier to attach or mount after which you can move. Most users are able to utilise it with any kind of mounting adhesive that includes screws and glues, as well as nails.

If you’re looking for an extremely tough and durable material that can withstand the hoarding demands. This 10-millimeter Foamex is the ideal product for you. After you’ve built your hoarding space using it, you won’t need to think about another aspect.

Foamex Signage (Rigid PVC Signs)

Digitally printed, full-colour Foamex signs. PVC Foamex is a weatherproof, durable and weatherproof sign material that is affordable and available in many sizes.

Foamex can last longer than correx, and is more rounded on its surface. Foamex is waterproof and tough enough for outdoor and medium use.

In spite of the term “foam” in the title an item of foam is in fact an actual PVC sign. Foamex signs are also describe by their rigid PVC signs of foam which is compress, signboards construct from PVC as well as foamalite signposts. PVC signs from foam boards or forex-theme signs.

Foamex Is Available In Four Thicknesses

1mm Ideal for signs that are place directly on any solid or unfinish surface (popular as a safety symbol)

3mm – Ideal for indoor use, unless it is directly fixed on the outside of an object

5mm – 5mm is the most popular Foamex thickness. It is the most effective price/quality/strength/weight combination

10mm – 10mm for work where a durable material is needed and the weight doesn’t matter.

The thickness of 1mm, 3mm, 5mm, and 1mm thickness are all quite light in comparison to their dimensions, however that thickness of 10mm weighs massive for its size.

If 10mm isn’t sufficient for you, or if you need something stronger, check out one of our Dibond aluminum signs. Foamex Sheet is one of the most popular for sign-making due to its outstanding combination of strength and price.


After we’ve taught you about the diverse characteristics of these kinds of materials. You’ll see the many ways these materials can give you various results.

Now is the time to think about your requirements in terms of the type of outcomes you’d like to get from the material and also the way you’d like your printed hoarding to appear. Finally, decide on the best material for your sign printed on to aid in the promotion of your company.


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