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What to do about moving stress?

protective packaging

Moving, it can be quite a challenge. Everything that needs to be arranged to make a move go smoothly costs time, money, and effort. It is therefore important to arrange your affairs on time. This way, you can go into the move with confidence. For the work to be performed, it is not so relevant whether you are moving privately or whether it concerns a company move. In both cases, one building will have to be emptied and the new one filled.

Prevent moving stress

To prevent the stress from getting to you, you can arrange a number of things in advance. Everything that has already been arranged gives you some air. This will make you less likely to get the feeling that you no longer have an overview of the move. How do you handle that, then?


Make a relocation plan well in advance of the move. This way, you know exactly which jobs are time-consuming.

When canceling telephone, internet, gas and electricity, you often have to deal with a notice period. But, of course, this also applies to any rental contract.

So you take care of these things first. Then, once that data is fixed, you can continue organizing the rest. Then, finally, arrange the protective packaging material you need during packing.

Sort or sort

A move is a perfect time to take a close look at the entire contents of your home or business premises. Now is the right time for a major clean-up. First, see what you want to keep using and what needs to be moved. This automatically leaves you with excess items that you do not want to move with you. Make sure to set these aside. Then sort them by useful and non-usable stuff. Finally, take everything that is useful to a thrift store or another collection fatih escort point.

What is not usable, you then take to the landfill, where you can divide it into the appropriate containers. This way, you ensure a sustainable relocation. Good for you and good for the environment.

Dare to say no

Moving should not be underestimated. Your house is your home. Time is needed to sort your entire possessions and keep them properly. Feel free to say no to an invitation. But, by choosing for yourself, you remain in control of the situation, and you have time to relax every now and then.

Packing up

When everything is sorted, you can already start packing. Everything you no longer need until the move can already be packed in boxes. If you have an extra bedroom or office space to spare, stack it full of boxes. Make sure you clearly state on the box where the box should be placed after the move. This saves unnecessary lifting and moving into the new accommodation. Then, when the day of the move approaches, you can disassemble as much of the last furniture as possible the day before. This way, you can fill the last boxes on a moving day, and you will not be without your much-needed stuff.

I really hope this article helps relieve some of the stress associated with moving. Click on this link to access additional helpful blogs.

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