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What is the most suitable location to learn animation in Kolkata?

animation in Kolkata
maac animation

Animation is gaining popularity, and graphics are now an increasingly popular profession. It is a method that allows objects or images to be depicted as moving objects.

If you’re looking to learn animation classes in Kolkata, MAAC Animation Institute, located in Girish Park, Kolkata, is one of the most prestigious animation schools located in Kolkata, offering top-quality instruction and education in 3D Animation.

How does animation work?

Animation is a process where characters are transformed into moving images. Traditional animation is when hand-drawn drawings are drawn or paintings are painted on soft celluloid sheets to make images that are printed onto paper.

The animator will then draw pictures on paper with brushes.

Since the introduction of computer-assisted animation, the majority of animated films today are made with computer-generated pictures. Animation techniques have changed over time.

Animation is state-of-the-art and has endless possibilities that anyone can take part in and be a part of. It’s an art form that is becoming more commonplace in society. Recently, due to advancements in technology as well as new ideas about how it has become accessible to many more people, animation has emerged as an extremely popular medium for artists from all over the world. Animation is a great method for telling stories. It allows you to make environments and provide something that isn’t visual in the real world.

The factors that determine the institute for animation

It is not compulsory, but it will be better if you examine the top animation school in Kolkata for various types of animation classes. The elements that can aid you in choosing the most suitable location for animation classes in Kolkata include:

  • Faculty: Faculty members who have experience in teaching animation are the top factor to consider when you are choosing a school for animation classes. MAAC Animation is the best location with top faculty who can teach you a variety of animation classes.
  • Infrastructure: The second most vital factor is infrastructure. It is essential to monitor the environment of learning. We have modern classrooms that will make you feel comfortable studying animation in Kolkata.
  • Teaching: Alongside the teaching aspect, MAAC Animation is the most renowned animation school in Kolkata, which offers an interview after you have completed your animation course. Career opportunities are available at our institution.
  • Awards: We have received distinctions for being the most prestigious animation school in Kolkata from well-known locations.
  • Courses for Diploma students: We provide different diploma and certificate courses to help you increase your career prospects. Students can learn to draw through MAAC Animation is the best way to grow your career.

If you’re in search of an animation academy, you should be thinking to take a course in animation. I’ll give you a few advantages of studying animation.

The benefits of learning animation

  • Animation can help you understand visual concepts more effectively than conventional diagrams.
  • Animation cuts out unnecessary words and provides visuals.
  • It lets you communicate ideas swiftly and clearly.
  • Animation can be a cost-effective communications strategy.
  • It educates and engages the audience with entertainment.
  • It also provides real-world scenarios that we encounter in everyday life in the classroom and also in many other things we do.
  • Increases opportunities for career advancement


After examining the animation institute, you can visit the counselor from MAAC Animation to help you determine the right animation course for you based on your needs.
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